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About Us

Welcome to Hoopnotica!

Hoopnotica is a hot, international fitness and dance phenomenon that engages your mind, body and soul!


Do you remember your first cartwheel? Or the first time you made it all the way to the end of the block on your bike? You were exhilarated, you were happy, and you were moving. Chances are, you didn’t want that moment to end.


But, at some point on the road to adulthood we stopped coming in when the street lamps came on and elected instead to get up early and “workout”. Looking back, it’s difficult to pinpoint the exact moment this switch in our attitude towards physical activity changed.


When did we trade our jump ropes for stairmasters; real bikes for stationary ones; and begin juggling our schedules, instead of balls? What is abundantly clear is that at some point in our lives that we all signed some sort of invisible contract: we gave up our playtime, and agreed to start “working out”.


Hoopnotica’s mission is re-introduce the element of play into physical fitness with new forms of movement that are fresh, expressive, and above all, fun. 


We want to help you redefine what you call “working out” and digress back to a simpler way of sweating. We are thrilled to offer joyful “a-ha” moments of accomplishment with products and curricula that will work your body and motivate your mind because we firmly believe that training your body works best when your mind is actively engaged in the process.


At Hoopnotica, we believe that the world is still your playground. Do you agree? Then go out and play!