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Get Hoopnotica® Certified


Do What You Love and Love What You Do.

Hooping is all about play. Now you can turn that fun, exhilarating form of fitness and wellness into a rewarding career!


By signing up for a Hoopnotica® Teacher Training you will be on your way to discovering what over 800 Hoopnotica Certified Instructors worldwide already know: sharing health and wellness through hooping is one of life’s great pleasures.

Why get certified through Hoopnotica?

We are the worldwide Leader in Hoop Fitness Curricula. We’ve distinguished ourselves as the global leader in hoop fitness through a meticulously designed series of certification programs that help men and women around the world achieve their fitness goals while discovering the pure, playful joy of hula hooping.

What you can expect from your Hoopnotica Certification:

Patently Clear Instruction – break hoop moves down into a science

Meticulous Focus on Form – maximize safety and effectiveness in your classes

Modifications for All Levels and Types of Learners – help each student succeed

Insightful Troubleshooting – quickly correct form, posture, and movement

A Great Investment – you can earn back your training costs within weeks of teaching!


Types of Certification on Offer:

Our constantly evolving training program is part modern Hoopdance, part functional fitness and a 100% highly effective and satisfying way to strengthen the body, quiet the mind, and rejuvenate the spirit while fusing easy-to-learn hoop moves with familiar cardio exercises.

This allows our teachers to create fully accessible and customizable workouts that the Huffington Post calls "exhilarating." All of our trainings break each foundational move into a science, so our students can learn the joys of hoop dance faster than they ever thought possible.


All programs are ACE and AFFA approved. Discounted fitness protection through K&K Insurance.