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Hoop Guide

TravelHoop (6 Segments) The Forties TravelHoop (5 Segments) High Performance Hybrid PolyPro Mini Hoops

BaseLine BreakAways SkinnyMini BreakAway
Converts from a Fortie to a High Performance Hoop! Converts from a Hybrid to a pair of Mini Hoops!

The Original TravelHoop®

Also Known As: Collapsible Hoop, Fitness Hoop

Often Recommended for: Hoopers of all Levels, Waist Hoopers, and Hoopers on the go


Assembled with six segments:
(Great for beginners)

42” Diameter
1.5 lbs

Assembled with five segments:
(Great for intermediate)

36.5” Diameter
1.25 lbs

Want to get your hands on one of the best things to hit hooping since the creation of the hula hoop? Hoopnotica®’s Original TravelHoop®is the go-to hoop for hoopers on the go. Our award-winning, signature TravelHoops®are easily assembled with a simple click, slide, and lock system and fit in most backpacks, tote bags and stroller nets, and can even travel as airline carry-ons. Want to take your hoop with you anywhere (and everywhere) in the world? Go for it, with the TravelHoop®!


The Forties

Also Known As: Full Size, Forty Inch, and Fitness Hoops

Often Recommended for:
Beginners, Waist Hoopers and Fitness Hoopers


40” Diameter
1.5 lbs

Our Forties are great hoops to strengthen and tone your core. Their weight gives them great momentum that you can feel when you give them a spin and make them ideal for beginning hoopers and for hoopers learning new tricks. These are also the official hoops for Hoop it Off™: Hoopnotica®’s Fitness Hooping Initiative which has helped people worldwide shed pounds by having fun!


High Performance

Often Recommended for: Intermediate Hoopers

36” Diameter
1.25 lbs

Already addicted to hooping? Take your practice to the next level with the High Performance Hoop! This hoop is a lighter weight hoop that is smaller in diameter than the Forties and is excellent for waist hooping and performing tricks. As you develop your hoop practice with off-body and floating moves like the lasso or the halo, Hoopnotica®’s High Performance Hoops will enable you to progress.

*We currently do not sell High Performance Hoops by themselves. Please click the link below to see the BaseLines! BaseLines are a convertible hoop that can be assembled into a High Performance Hoop or a Fortie Hoop!



Also Known as: High Performance Skinny

Often Recommended for: Advanced Hoopers, a slightly heavier alternative to PolyPro

34” Diameter
12 oz

This little hoop is a great transition hoop between High Performance and PolyPro. Unlike PolyPro Hoops, it comes in many tapes patterns, giving it just enough extra weight to slow it down for practicing harder moves. This hoop is also great for performances, since it is light and fast, but highly decorative.

*We currently do not sell Hybrid Hoops by themselves. Please click the link below to see the SkinnyMinis! SkinnyMinis are a convertible hoop that can be assembled into a Hybrid Hoop or a pair of Mini Hoops!



Also Known as: Featherbrites, Cardio Hoops

Often Recommended for: Intermediate to Advanced Hoopers, Dance and Cardio Hoopers, HoopDance Performance Artists

33” Diameter
10 oz
½” Polypropelene Plastic

Can you keep up? Polypro Hoops are our lightest, brightest and fastest hoops! These ultra lightweight hoops are great for experienced hoopers looking for the perfect tool to use for performances, graceful HoopDancing and advanced hoop moves like isolations and floating moves that are bound to impress like stalls.


Mini Hoops

Also Known as: Twins

Often Recommended for: Hoopers of All Levels, Hoopers looking to strengthen and tone their arms and shoulders

24” Diameter per Mini Hoop (Sold as a pair)
7.5 oz each

Get into the hoop on our latest obsession, Mini Hoops! These little dynamos will add variety and flavor to your practice by adding a ton of new moves to your repertoire. They're also great for toning arms, back, and core!




The BreakAways™

Who wants the very latest in customizable hoops? Hoopnotica®’s revolutionary Breakaway™ Hoops literally “break away” when you want them to to form two to three different sized hoops. Now you can have the option to increase or decrease your hoop size depending on your mood.
They are the perfect choice for hoopers who want their hoop to grow with them as they improve in skill level.


The BaseLine BreakAway™

Often Recommended for:Beginner, Intermediate and Advancing Hoopers


40” Diameter          to          36” Diameter
1.5 lbs                                 1.25 lbs
¾” HDPE                             ¾” HDPE  
Starting at $59.99

The BaseLine BreakAway™ Hoop starts out as a Forty Hoop (40” diameter, 1.5 lbs) with a built-in four-inch hoop extender that can easily be removed to give you a beginner’s High Performance Hoop (36” diameter, 1.25 lbs). With two hoops in one, the BaseLine is a beginning or advancing hooper’s best friend.


The SkinnyMini BreakAway™

Often Recommended for: Intermediate and Advanced Hoopers, HoopDance Performance Artists, Hoopers who love variety in their practice


34” Hoop      to        Two 28”  Mini Hoops          OR          Two 24” Mini Hoops
12 oz                       8 oz each                                           7.5 oz each
½” HDPE                 ½” HDPE                                           ½” HDPE

The Skinny Mini BreakAway™ Hoop comes as a 34” 12 oz Hoop, great for performances and doing isolations which can be assembled as two different sets of Mini Hoops (either 28” or 24” diameter). More ways to hoop, more fun!



Hoop Add-Ons

And don’t forget to check out these awesome hoop add ons that will give you a few extra inches or pounds to customize your hoop practice!

Hoop Extender

2” OR  4” in length (or customizable)
All Types of Tubing

A hoop extender is a piece of tubing cut specially to size to increase the size of your hoop. Hoopnotica®’s extenders are totally customizable and are easy to pop in and out of your hoop to change the weight, diameter and difficulty level for your practice. Extenders are built to fit the hoop you have so we will match the tubing, diameter, and taping pattern to your existing hoop. Easy!


Fit 'N Tube

Fit’n Tubes are another great add on to your existing hoop. Fit 'N Tubes lower the difficulty level of your current hoop by adding extra weight. This is perfect if you're having trouble with a new move and you need to slow your hoop down to practice. Then, simply remove the Fit 'N Tube to master your move with the lighter hoop!