Hoopnotica Dance DVD Box Set

Don't have time to catch a class? Having trouble finding a Hoopnotica instructor in your area? Now the complete Hoopnotica curriculum is available for you to learn from on your own time. Become a master hooper with this 4 disk Box Set of DVD instruction.

Investing in our complete Hoopnotica foundation will ensure that you become the best hooper you can be, and that you never suffer through another boring workout again. With moves that build upon each other chapter by chapter you will master the art of a Hoop Practice. Complete with stills, slow motion shots, and our famed??troubleshooting section, this DVD set has become a staple in every Hoopers library, beginning to advanced. Let Hoopnotica support you in learning how to move in your hoop with effortless grace; to become ""Hoopnotic""! Whether your goal is to lose weight; lift your bootie; prepare for childbirth; or just have FUN- Hoopnotica is a fun way to connect with friends and family, or to take time for yourself. With challenging moves that are beautiful and Hoopnotica to watch, this series builds your skills in a format that is easy to understand, and addicting to practice.

This set makes a GREAT gift for Hoopers of ALL levels!

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