The Phoenix

Hoop Material
Tube Diameter
Hoop Diameter

The Phoenix pattern is made with LED's that each individual LED has 7 colors in it and each LED  will quickly strobe through all 7 colors constantly flashing, strobing and blinking.  The LED's are spaced approximately 10 CM apart and the number of LED's in a hoop will vary based on the Hoop Diameter.  For example, a 38” hoop will have 30-31 LED’s, 32” hoop will have 25-26 LED’s and a 28” hoop will have 22-23 LED’s.  All hoops are measured with an outside diameter

Every LED hoop we make is custom made for each individual customers order.

Our hoops features 22 - 32 super bright LED lights spaced approximately 4” apart around the hoop.

All size diameters for our LED hoops are measured from the OD (outside diameter) of the hoop

We offer our LED hula hoops in several sizes and materials. Our LED hula hoops come in sizes from 24" to 40" inches OD and you get to choose from our selection of HDPE and PP (PolyPro) tubing materials in different tube diameters ensuring the LED hula hoop you purchase is the right fit for you.

You can expect your LED hula hoop to weigh anywhere between 8 to 14 ounces depending on your size and material choice.

For beginners we recommend a 36" to 40" hoop in 3/4" HDPE material.  If you are unsure what size to order, larger is better as it can easily be resized smaller, a smaller hoop can not be resized larger.  We are happy to resize our hoops smaller for free when you pay for shipping both ways.  

HDPE VS.PolyPro 
HDPE is softer, more flexible and more durable but it is also a bit heavier than PP while PP is lighter, stiffer and more brittle and requires more care, it is also more susceptible to cracking , heat and cold.  Storing any hoop in a car in usually not a good place.  Hoops are best stored laying flat on the ground to avoid flat spots that can be caused from hanging or standing on the floor.

This LED hula hoop is powered by a single rechargeable lithium ion battery and will provide up to 2 hours or more of hooping time on a single charge. These are not standard batteries, do not use your LED hoop battery in any other appliance.  

Each of our LED hoops (36" and smaller) is sent with a hoop extender which is used to help make double coiling for shipping, travel and storage easier.  The extender needs to be removed for the led hoop to operate.


1 LED Hula Hoop
1 Charger
1 Battery

Shipping Is USPS Priority Mail, they say 2-3 days.
All of our hoops are custom made and all hoops are made in the order they are placed.  Most orders are shipped within 24 - 48 hours, sometimes 72 hours, if it takes longer that 72 hours (excluding weekends) to ship your order we will include 1 extra battery FREE.

Here is a list of some hoop diameters and the number of LEDS per size, these numbers are approximate and can vary slightly.
Hoop Diameter (Outside)
--- 38” ----- 30-31 LED’s
--- 36” ----- 29-30 LED’s
--- 34” ----- 27-28 LED’s
--- 32” ----- 25-26 LED’s 
--- 30” ----- 24-25 LED’s 
--- 28” ----- 22-23 LED’s

Refunds, Returns and Exchanges.
Because every LED hoop we manufacture is custom made for each customer all sales are final, we do not offer refunds, returns or exchanges as we also do not have any resource or outlet for re-selling used hoops.  We will repair or replace warranty hoops at our discretion.

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