The Over, Across, In, Out, and Through of Hoop Taping

We love to offer exciting, unique hoops to accentuate the practice, skill, and beauty of the hooper giving it movement. However, a beautiful hoop doesn't just happen overnight!

We start by choosing tapes that we find beautiful and interesting, from reflective colors to prismatic patterns and everything in between. 

Then we swatch together beautiful color combinations with fun tapes and functional gaffers tapes. Gaffers tape is an important element of a hand-taped hoop because it not only provides grip to the hooper, but it protects the edges of shiny and metallic tapes to prevent lifting. 

Our artisan tapers then use our top 10 color combinations to swatch out patterns on a blank hoop.

Once we have our swatches and patterns, we decide which hoops are going to move forward into production, make them as full-sized hoops, photograph them, and offer them to you!