How to Care for Your Hand Made Hoop

Handmade hoops are as unique as the hoopers within them, and they need love just like the hoopers that put them in motion. Here are a few ways you can take care of your new hoop to keep it as new and as beautiful as the day you first met!

  1. Practice over a soft or smooth surface.
    Hand taped hoops, and even untaped polypros, can get scratched and scuffed if they're dropped on cement or other rough surfaces (and everyone drops their hoop every now and then!). While mastering a new trick or move, try practicing over carpeting, grass, or smooth flooring like hardwood. 
  2. Store it flat and out of direct sunlight.
    Between sun bleaching and temporarily warming your hoop's tubing, direct sunlight isn't the most ideal storage solution for your new hoop. On top of that, hanging it or storing it upright can lead to your hoop losing its shape. The ideal way to store your hoop is laying flat in a cool, dark area. 
  3. Keep your hoop dry!
    When tape is saturated, it can start to bubble, peel, and get its stickiness everywhere you don't want it to be. As fun as it is to hoop in the rain, you'll probably want to stick with untaped polypros for that!
  4. Treat it with love!
    Hoops give the love that they receive, so give lots of love and you'll get lots back!