• How are Hoopnotica® Hoops different from toy hoops?

      Hoopnotica Hoops are “Adult Sized,” meaning that they are much larger (and a whole lot prettier) than a simple child’s toy. Our hoops are weighted at 1.5 lbs, thus providing the perfect amount of momentum and resistance for achieving the optimal cardiovascular workout. As your skill improves, the weight helps to maintain control of your movement and build muscle tone.

  • What are the physical benefits of practicing Hoopnotica®?

    Physical Benefits: Practicing Hoopnotica tones the muscles of the core and the entire body, while also providing an intense cardiovascular workout. Our hooping techniques have you burning between 300 and 600 calories per hour, with low or no impact on your joints. Hooping increases energy; develops balance and coordination; and even improves flexibility.

    Mental/Emotional Benefits: In addition to strengthening the core and blasting away fat, Hoopnotica has the further benefit of calming and quieting the mind. The soft and steady motion of moving within your hoop can provide a peaceful meditation in which stress is reduced, and creative self-expression revealed. With regular practice, Hoopnotica students experience a general improvement in self-confidence as they learn to master new techniques, and maneuver their hoop with joy.

  • What can I expect from my first time with your DVD's?

    Get ready to laugh, sweat and have some fun! Our teachers will guide you through the Hoopnotica® curriculum step by step, at your own pace. You’ll begin with foundational moves such as waist hooping, hip hooping, and halos (spinning the hoop with your hands above the head). Once you have practiced and mastered these basic (but not necessarily easy!) moves, you’ll be ready to forge ahead with more complicated exercises. Before you know it, you will be moving gracefully and manipulating your hoop with intention. Regardless of your level, you are sure to get a considerable cardiovascular workout with just a few minutes of practice. Your heart will be pumping, and your face will be smiling. Most hoopers will agree that it’s pretty near impossible to be angry or stressed in the hoop (but please feel welcome to try).
  • What should I wear?

    As Hoopnotica® Hoopdance is all about movement, your clothing should accommodate that. In our experience, the best items to hoop in are: stretchy jeans, i.e. “jeggings” (the hoop really sticks!), yoga pants, or leggings made of natural fiber material. Slim fitting sleeveless tops are essential for upper body workout, as bare skin is nature's best grip. Try not to wear synthetics such as nylon or rayon, as the hoop tends to “slip”, making the learning process more difficult.
  • Can I order a custom run of hoops?

    We would be happy to send you a quote! Custom Orders are specially priced. No minimum quantity is required. Please contact: info@hoopnotica.com for more information and a personalized quote. If you are interested in larger wholesale quantities (minimum of 12) of Custom Hoops, please contact: wholesale@hoopnotica.com
  • Do you have any hoops that are heavier than 2 lbs?

    At this time, we do not, however, our full-sized hoops are constructed so that you can open and close them multiple times, which will allow you to add weight to them at a later date, at your discretion. For most on-body and off-body dance moves, you will start with a hoop weighing about 1.5 lbs, and then go lighter and smaller as you become more advanced. If you are more into “Fitness” such as Zumba and/or Aerobics, then you certainly can try a heavier hoop, perhaps even up to 3 lbs for off body movements. (we definitely would not recommend any heavier hoop than that). Even with this type of training/fitness, you still want to start with a hoop that weighs 1.5 lbs or at least not more than 2 lbs. 
  • How do I obtain wholesale information?

  • Hoopnotica® offers a range of wholesale & distributor pricing tiers. For more information, please email wholesale@hoopnotica.com
  • How do I prevent my Hoopnotica® Hoop from getting all banged up?

    Hoopnotica expects that you will receive your hoop in perfect condition, and begin to use it immediately. The decorative tape on your Hoop may wear down if you repeatedly drop it on textured surfaces, like concrete or asphalt. We recommend that beginners practice on a soft surface like grass or carpet. Stay away from walls, coffee tables, or wandering children. Even with careful consideration, it is not uncommon for your first hoop to become a bit torn and worn-looking. A well-loved hoop is not always the prettiest (but is often a favorite!). If you love Hoopnotica half as much as we do, we predict that you will acquire many hoops from our collection; ranging from the slightly worn, to those in practically perfect condition—a true testament to your prodigious hooping progress!
  • How Large are Hoopnotica® Hoops?

    Fortie hoops are approximately 1.5 lbs, approximately 40" in diameter.

    TravelHoops are approximately 1.8 lbs and roughly 42" in diameter.

    High Performance Hoops are approximately 13 ounces, roughly 36" in diameter.

    Hybrid Hoops are approximately 9 ounces, roughly 34" in diameter.

    Mini Hoops are approximately 7.5 ounces each, roughly 22" in diameter.

    See our Hoop Guide for a more detailed explanation of hoop sizes.

  • I need a weighted hoop – I want to see results as fast as possible. What is the heaviest hoop you have?

    Hoopnotica = Fun. Excessively weighted hoops (more than 2 lbs) are neither fun, nor recommended, as they can be uncomfortable to work with, and may result in injuries. We know that you are excited to sculpt those abs as fast as possible, and a heavier hoop may seem like the quickest solution…to destroying your back, that is!

    There are other weighted hoops on the market, designed to capitalize on the naïveté of the enthusiastic, yet amateur hooper. Don’t buy into it! A 5 or 10 pound hoop generates so much force as it rotates around you, that you could very easily hurt yourself, or someone else by using one. Hurt=Not Fun


  • What weight and size is best for a beginner? Would a Fortie hoop be better than the TravelHoop?

    I would recommend our Fitness Travel Hoop or any one of our Beginner Sized Hoops. When you first start hooping, you want a hoop that is at least 40" -42" in diameter, and weighs around 1.5 to just under 2 lbs, so that the hoop has its own momentum to go around your body while you learn to hoop.

    The Travel Hoop is a great beginner hoop because it comes in 6 segments - 42" in diameter and weighing about 1.5lbs, and then when you get a little more advanced, or want more of a challenge, you can take one segment out - use 5 for a 36.5" hoop that weighs about 1.2 lbs. This hoop is like getting 2 hoops in 1.

  • Do you ship to FPO/APO addresses?

    Absolutely! All of our products can be shipped to any FPO/APO address through USPS.
    Shipping Time? 
    All hand made hoops are made by hand in Los Angeles. Typical shipping time is between 7-10 business days.