8 Hula Hooping Benefits for Busy Moms

hula hooping benefits

Maria Kang made headlines for her “what’s your excuse” fitness proclamation when she posted a photo of her toned body. Kang, a mother of three boys, included arrows in her photo pointing to her stretch marks, her abs, her toned arms and her thighs with notes like “not a trainer, a model or fitness model,” “strong not skinny” and “no personal chef.”

An arrow pointing to her head noted that the busy mom “works 8 hours a day” while an arrow to her eyes clarified that Kang, like most moms, runs on “limited sleep.”

Kang’s purpose in posting the picture was to show that busy working moms still have time to keep their bodies fit, toned and healthy. Kids, her picture posited, are not an excuse for letting the body become neglected.

For many moms, the very idea that there are “no excuses” for fitness and a toned body feels insulting. The very nature of being a mom means taking the last priority. Kids and the husband—even the dog—they come first.  What mom has time to work out or go to the gym?

Moms need to carve out time to care for their bodies and minds, and the truth is that there is, in fact, time for mom. Most moms, however, just don’t take that time. They won’t. They feel guilty, and time feels like an indulgence.

Getting physically fit, exercising and toning the body doesn’t require a gym membership, nor does fitness require money. Exercising does require a little time, effort and imagination. The easiest way to check off all three of those requirements is to get fit in a way that allows mom to include the kids: hula hooping.

Hooping is fun—both for kids and parents. There is a silly and playful aspect to trying to keep a hoop in motion. A body that stays in motion is moving and…getting fit. Moms, grab the kids and grab a hoop. Here are eight ways that hula hooping can help you get fit and stay in shape:

1. Hooping burns calories.

Moving the hips to rotate the hoop and keep it in motion takes energy. On average, hula hooping burns seven calories a minute. So a 15-minute session will burn 108 calories.

2. Kids can join in the fun.

The best way hooping helps moms is that they can allow the kids to join in on the fun. Hula hooping doesn’t require a babysitter, and it doesn’t take time away from the children. Have them grab a hoop, turn up some upbeat music and hoop together.

hula hooping benefits

3. Hula hooping tones and helps trims the core.  

Pregnancy stretches the belly. Tone the core by hooping. The act of rotating the hips to move the hoop utilizes the core muscles and strengthens them.  Kelly Osbourne trimmed inches off her waist by adding hula hooping to her exercise routine. Be sure to use a weighted hula hoop for maximum benefit.

4. It’s cost effective.

Hula hoops are a cheap workout. A weighted hoop costs around $40. Or buy a traditional hoop for less and add weights. No gym membership required!

5. Hooping is convenient.

Moms can hoop in the basement, outside with the kids, at a park when the kids are playing. Hula hoops can be taken anywhere. Space remains the only major requirement. Clear a room and have fun!

hula hooping benefits

6. Hula hooping is easy to learn.

Moms don’t have to be savvy to use a hula hoop. The goal is to swivel the hips and core to keep the hoop in motion. The fun is in learning to keep the hoop in motion. For novices, opt for a larger hoop as they are easier to maneuver.

7. Hooping helps the joints.

Rotating the hoop also helps joint flexibility and is a great way exercise choice for those with arthritis.

8. Hooping and exercise can help depression.  

Exercising releases endorphins, which help us feel happy. Exercise also helps with self-esteem and alleviates stress. Busy moms who face a tough day with the kids get a much-needed mental boost when they exercise.

Busy moms feeling the pressures of everyday stress with the kids, a job, the house and everything else need to step back and carve out time to take care of their own needs. Physical fitness is important at all ages and across all life stages. Hooping fulfills a fantastic fun fitness option for busy moms to stay in shape with the kids.

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