Bahama Dream - Sectional Polypro Dance Hoop

Hoop Size
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The Bahama Dream Hoop Sectional Polypro Dance Hoop is inspired by the survivors of Hurricane Dorian (2019) and how they have truly embodied everything their flag represents: 
Aquamarine represents the ocean and the beautiful turquoise waters - all that is living in it and for all it provides.
Black represents strength and unity.
Metallic Sunshine Yellow represents the beautiful sunshine that illuminates the path forward.

This sectional hoop is available to be made with 3 pieces or 6 pieces.

A portion of the proceeds will go to helping rebuild Bahamian Communities via
ABACO Rescue Fund:
Website -
Email -
Phone - +1 (214) 384-3846

Donation period ceased on 5.31.21.

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