Holographic Rainbow Sheen Specialty Taped Hoop - (Advanced/Children)

Hoop Diameter
Ruby Red
Fluorescent Orange
Fluorescent Yellow
Emerald Green
Royal Blue
Gold Plasma
Black Majick
Tubing Type

Welcome to the Hoopnotica Hoop Family: Holographic Rainbow Sheen Taped Hoops!

These stunning hoops are shiny, sleek, and luxurious with a bright POP of color for everyone - from daytime backyard hoopers to professional performers on stage!

Every hoop is masterfully handmade, custom in Boulder, CO.   
Each hoop is crafted with a push-button connection, allowing the hooper to partially coil their hoop down for ease while on-the-go.


What kind of tubing should my hoop be made with?
There are many types of tubing in the hoop world today, all serving individual purposes.
HDPE (High Density Polyethylene) Tubing is a mid-weight, robust tubing, perfect for beginner hoopers of all ages. Our heaviest “weighted” and “fitness” hoops are 1.5lbs, compared to the average “weighted” hoop available through other retailers (2-lbs). Hoops over 2lbs often leave bruising and soreness while the hooper is learning to maintain their hoop’s spin and we like to set hoopers up for success.

If you're shopping for your first hoop!
Adults: 40” (inch) diameter hoop, made with 7/8” HDPE or 1” Polyethylene.
Children: 34” (inch) diameter hoop, made with ¾” HDPE tubing.
Have questions about what hoop is good for you? We’re happy to help!
Email: hellohoopologie@gmail.com

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