Our Hoops

At Hoopnotica, we pride ourselves on high quality craftsmanship and unique, exclusive hoop offerings with unparalleled features.




Pop & Lock Connectors

Our exclusive Pop & Lock Connectors allow hoopers to pop hoops open to collapse them, but lock tight and stay closed while you move. What makes them unique is that they are not friction fit connectors, plus they are buttonless. It's a completely internal connection that is virtually fly-open free!

All Hoopnotica hoops are made with Pop & Lock Connectors, making them collapsible and easy to resize with added breakaway segments.




The Hoopnotica Trifecta Hoop is 3 hoops in 1! Made with our Pop & Lock Connectors, it is a classic weighted hoop made with two breakaway segments that can be added and removed to increase and decrease the size of your hoop

The Trifecta is great for hoop lovers of all skill levels. For the new hooper, it's a hoop that is large enough to start learning, but can be made smaller as your skills grow. For the experienced hooper, it's fantastic practice hoop for mastering a new trick because you can reducing your hoops size to increase difficulty and refine your practice.





Skinny Minis

The Hoopnotica Skinny Mini is a hoop that converts from a 34" skinny hoop (with 1/2" 125 PSI HDPE tubing) to a pair of 24" mini hoops! With our Pop & Lock Connectors, you can hoop with ease and the assurance that your hoop will stay closed as you move.

The Skinny Mini's versatility makes it an excellent choice for the traveling hooper, the hooper who is just getting acquainted with minis, and everyone in between. 





Travel Polypro

The Hoopnotica Travel Polypro takes the freedom of polypros to the next level by allowing the hooper to break it down into 5 pieces and reconnect them as a classic polypro hoop! With our Pop & Lock Connectors, you can hoop with the confidence  that your hoop isn't going to fly open while you move, and you won't have to struggle to break down your hoop when you're ready to go!

The Travel Polypro is great for the traveling hoop dancer who loves having a compact way to share the joy of hooping, anywhere and any time.