The Hoopnotica Ambassador Program

The Hoopnotica Ambassador program is an effort to create a dialogue between our company's mission and the hoopers that carry it out into the world.

We are a small company, but our online presence often disconnects us from the people who matter the most. We thrive on the stories you tell, and the positive influences that our work has in your life and community. If you are a hooper who lives to inspire others, we want to know all about you, and to share your story with our following. Let's empower each other to make the world a better place; let us support you to influence people who need this work, by showing them what is possible through your unique vision! 

Hoopnotica Ambassadors enjoy many perks, in exchange for their stories, photos, and videos. Here is a general overview of what we expect and what we give you in return!

  • 50% off Our Teacher Training Programs
  • 20% off all Hoopnotica Products
  • An Affiliate Code which allows your fans to buy Hoopnotica products at a discount, and gives you royalties from their sales
  • Exposure to our extensive mailing list and community
  • 4 Free Hoops per quarter for your personal use or as gifts, shipped to you anywhere in the world.
  • Direct concierge service, which allows you communication with our CEO and Customer Support Team
  • PR opportunities to represent our company in the Press (when available)
  • A personalized hoop with your name and a role in its design- we will dedicate one hoop from our Limited Edition Collections per year which will feature your name, and your story. You will elect the charity of your choice to receive part of the proceeds, upon approval from Hoopnotica management

In return, we expect yo to uphold certain guidelines whenever representing the company, and providing us with documentation of your work. This means we would like to receive photos every week for posting on Social Media and for use in the press, and one blog entry every two weeks with an update on where you are and how your work is motivating others. We expect you to mention us in your own social media as well. Long story short, we want you to be our muse, and we want you to hold us in the same regard.

Upon selection, we will give you an e booklet that specifically outlines the program and our expectations. This program lasts for a year, and we hope to create 365 days of inspiration for our community through you just being you.

What are you waiting for? Tell us why you think you should be our next ambassador in the comments OR nominate a hooper who inspires you on Facebook