Hoopnotica 30 for 30 Challenge! Your Results So Far!

Hoop for 30 Days

The Hoopnotica 30 for 30 Challenge is over a week underway! At the start of January we made a promise to ourselves (and to our hoops) to hoop for 30 minutes a day for the next 30 days. And guess what?! We're sticking to it (Or trying our very best!) The best news is that over 500 hoopers decided to join us! And so far, we've got to say we're impressed! Everyone has been very supportive of each other on our online communities, especially when we feel we need that extra support. Some of us have missed days or had a late start and it's great to know that that's okay as long as we are resolved to keep going.


For our part, the Hoopnotica Team is hard at work providing you with inspirational material. We hope you've seen our daily inspirational graphics like the one above and for the rest of the month you can expect lots of other incentives to hoop it out, including exclusive tips and tricks from the masters and mini workouts designed to help you stay committed!

But, as always, just when we think our role at Hoopnotica is to inspire others, we come to find that it is actually YOU, lovely hoopers, who continue to teach and to inspire us! We read every single one of your comments and enjoy hearing how and when and why you hoop! We've heard lots of great things so far: your stories of weight loss, new hooping skills, and newfound strength! Here is what you have had to say:

Hoopnotica 30 Day Challenge Your Results

So a big congratulations to every single one of you who have been hooping, trying, and trying again and keeping in touch with us at every step. Please keep on hooping and telling us all about your daily struggles, achievements and goals! Tag us #hoopnotica on your fabulous pictures and drop us a line...anytime! You guys put the Hoop in Hoopnotica!

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