Claire Davidson lost weight and dropped sizes from hula hooping with Hoopnotica but, best of all is.... the fact that hooping for fun and fitness is something Claire can enjoy with all four of her daughters: "All 4 of my daughters hoop.  Each has her own style."  

Name: Claire Davidson  

Hooping Hometown:
Floral Park, NY  

How old were you when you began hooping?

Who introduced you to hooping?
My niece, Pia.  

How old are your daughters?
I have 4 daughters. Jessica 22, Stephanie 20, Becky 15 & Phoebe 13  

Do you hoop with them? How did they get into it?
We hoop together whenever space permits! I push back the furniture in my living room so we can hoop together inside. Each of my daughters has her own unique style.  

What has been, in your opinion, your biggest achievement as a hooper?
Being able to get someone hooping who said "I can't hoop". I host "Hoop Group" at my church on Monday nights. About 12 women show up every week and we always have newcomers!  The look on her face when she sees that she is hooping is priceless. "I could never do this before, not even as a kid. Ha ha ha!"  

How has hooping changed your life?
Oh my goodness! I am down 3 sizes. My back feels better than it ever has. I can squat and get up!! I feel sexy. I feel good about myself. I have more energy. I don't complain about aches & pains. I have a pep in my step. I am more active than ever.  

How long after you started hooping did you notice a change in your physical fitness? What changes have you noticed since you started hooping? I noticed changes within the first week! The biggest change for me was the desire to move my body more and more. I have never been active, now I found this fun way to move. Since I started hooping, I am down 3 sizes. My body feels tighter. I am able to do more things and not feel like I'm going to pull something. I stand up straighter. I feel more confident.  

What would you say to women who are afraid they won't be able to keep the hoop up? I couldn't hoop in the beginning. Try the big one. I showed my mom how to hoop, I'm sure you will get it.  

What is your hooping dream? I would love to teach hooping. I signed up with Hoopnotica to be an instructor. I am currently studying my materials. I would also love to be an amazing hoop dancer.   Quotable Claire: "Hooping is my stress reliever." "Because of Hooping I feel good about myself!"  

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