The HoopScoop - October

HELLO BEAUTIFUL HOOPERS Last month was so stressful, that I began fantasizing about moving to a remote town in the middle of nowhere, changing my name to Sally Ann, and working in a local truckstop and / or burger joint. My circumstances are not all that different from anyone else; we ALL have stress in our lives, right? Along with those stresses, I am sure we all have our own "happy place" we can escape to. Mine just happens to include a cute pink uniform and a plastic name tag. My world got better when I saw a sign (literally- it was on a bus stop): Breathe as you chop. Relax as you sautee. Let your baking be blissful. Enjoy each meal with your family by letting each step be a joy; not a chore. I remembered how much I love to cook, and how little time I had spent doing just that over the past few weeks. Chopping vegetables, as silly as this may sound, actually relaxes me. There are many things that I like to do, but wasn't making the time to do. In this way, I was cutting myself off from enjoying my life, and making excuses out loud about "how stressful" this and "I hate" that. Often times, life is about the story we tell ourselves.... we create our own realities. This month I encourage you all to find happiness in what could otherwise be interpreted as "work". Whether it is chopping vegetables, or shopping for office supplies... enjoy the process. If you are looking for another way to calm your mind and spread happiness through your world, look no further than your hoop! Take it for a spin, and remember how simple life's pleasures can be. Happy Hooping! Gabriella Redding CEO & Hoopmamma   THE SCOOP Heart & Soul magazine features a Hoopnotica Workout spread starring our own Hoopnotica Master Trainer, Jocelyn Gordon. Jocelyn is conducting a number of teacher trainings throughout 2010 / 2011. Click here to check the schedule! The South Florida Sun Sentinel featured a story on hooping which quoted our master trainer, Jocelyn Gordon. Celeb trainer and fitness personality wrote about Hoopnotica in an article about hooping for weight loss on The Harvard Post wrote an article on the hooping trend that featured hooper Heidi Delisle, who is spreading the hooplove through Massachusetts and beyond. Pegasus News shares a video of Hoopnotica certified instructor  / Studio Hoopnotica director Jackie Hesley hosting a Hoopnotica Hoop Jam in Texas featured Hooping as a great way to burn calories and whittle your middle. Hooping works for losing inches and shedding fat! We are actively looking for teachers to support the growing demand for Hoopnotica classes. If you are interested in Teacher Trainingprograms, please let us know!! We have opportunities both Domestically and internationally.   WHAT'S HOT NOW Check out the newest Limited Collection inspired by late Summer nights and hot desert blooms : Introducing the Nightblooming Jasmine and the Desert Rose! Get 'em while they're HAUTE! We are SO excited to announce the release of our final installment of Hoopnotica DVD instruction- number 4! Get ready to kick it up with -Angled Arm Weaving and Spins -Angled Corkscrews -The Barrel Roll -The Vortex -The Drop Out ...and so much more! This 45 minute program is an inspirational tool for Hoopers who are practicing at an intermediate level, and are looking for new and challenging additions to their practice*. Using these new skills, you will find yourself burning upwards of 600 calories an hour, without really thinking of your practice as a “workout”. Sound like fun? It IS. Buy it NOW In the Master Hooper Set! Or  HERE on it's own HOOPY HALLOWEEN CONTEST Hey Hoopers - we have another fun contest for you! Hoopnotica is looking for the best Halloween costume incorporating hoops! Upload your Halloween pictures to our Facebook page. Email your submissions to on or before Sunday, November 7th. We'll post the photos to a Halloween album, and then our fans will vote on their favorites throughout the month. We'll announce the winner in December's Hoopscoop Newsletter. The happy hooper will be rewarded with a limited edition of his or her choice. HOOP HAPPENINGS October 10th - World Hoop Day is tomorrow, Click here for a list of events happening across the globe! October 20th - Tune in to Access Hollywood's new show, AH Live, to see Hoopmamma on TV! TEACHER TRAINING October 16th & 17th  -Level 1 & Level 2 in Miami, FL October 23rd & 24th - Level 1 & Level 2 in Carrboro, NC November TBD - Level 1 & Level 2 in Los Angeles, CA. (On-Line Sign up Coming Soon!) December 11th & 12th - Level 1 & Level 2 in Honolulu, HI January 22nd & 23rd 2011 -Level 1 & Level 2 in Baltimore, MD February 5th, 6th & 7th 2011 - Levels 1,  2 & 3 in Philadelphia, PA February 26th, 27th & 28th  2011- Levels 1, 2 & 3 in Nuneaton, UK February / March 2011 - Berlin, Germany. Dates and location to be announced!   HOOPER OF THE MONTH Name: Babette Granone Rickard Location: Lomita, California Occupation: Super Mom and MS Society Supporter Bio: California nativie, Babette is 42 years old, married and happily hooping it up in Lomita, CA. She is married with a 16 year old son, Tanner. Favorite Song to Hoop to: "White Rabbit" - by Latin Headhuntrz How She Started Hooping: Babette recently participated in a cross county road trip with her best friend to bring awareness and to find a cure for Multiple Scolorisis. They had never hooped before but thought it would be fun to buy hoops, and on their trip, make stops along the way to hoop it up, and make contact with the MS support offices in different cities. Being a survivor of MS herself, she finds it difficult to follow though with her health and fitness goals due to dibilitating symptoms and side effects. Suprisingly, Hoopnotica's classes and DVDs have needed only a few modifications to make hooping fun for her. The hoops are sized just right for comfort and ease. Babette is proud to say her Hooping for MS Awareness trip was a great success! She's getting pretty good at hooping, getting in shape, and having a blast doing it! Hooping Goals: To create a Hooping class for the MS Society Favorite Hoop: Hoopnotica's Hybrid. It's smaller and lightweight so it fun and easy to do tricks Fun Hoop Facts: Babette likes to hostess hoop parties in her huge backyard where 30 hoopers can all spin at the same time! Favorite Hoopnotica Teacher: Jackie Hesley from Studio Hoopnotica.

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