The HoopScoop - April

HELLO BEAUTIFUL HOOPERS Celebrate Outdoor Hooping Season! Expand your practice with a new style of Hooping. Try something new! Minis? Isolations? Inspiration is key and is all up to you. Have you ever observed children on the playground? They create games and worlds simply by using their imaginations and most importantly, they could care less who is watching. They run, jump, climb and swing their little hearts out, not because they think it’s good exercise; just because they are having fun! As the season changes, embrace your inner child and get outside and use your imagination to try something new. Experiment with our New 007 Hybrid HoopCollection. The possibilities are endless, as long as you are having fun doing it! Keep Hooping! Gabriella Redding CEO & Hoopmamma   THE SCOOP Check out this little piece of inspiration, filmed on location in Costa Rica! Gabriella explores the tiny changes that occur in our style and flow when we make changes to what we already know. This month's Scoop addresses grip, or how tightly we hold our hoops with our hands. Great advice for new and advanced hoopers alike!   WHAT'S HOT NOW The 007 Hybrid Collection Are you ready for a challenge and to use your imagination? Well use your hidden skills, and challenge yourself with the 007 Hybrid Hoops. The Alias & The Agent No 9, are the perfect transition from the beginner hoop. Featured prominently in the Hoop Technique DVD now sold through Hoopnotica, these hoops are a must-have. So...Be Daring! Be Bold, and take your hooping to the next level. Made by hand in Venice, CA by artists who love their work, and pay attention to the details of superior hoop craftsmanship. Hoopnotica Is Spring Cleaning! Spring cleaning is never fun....unless there's a sale involved!  Help us make some room at the Hoopnotica Headquarters by CLICKING HERE!

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