Happy Hoop Tunesday! "Shake it Out" (Benny Benassi Remix)

Happy Tunesday Hoopers!  Our message this week is about working through life's difficulties by "hooping it off". Whether it be workplace stress, excess weight, bad habits, or relationship woes, we encourage everyone to try hooping it off instead of keeping your problems bottled up . (See yesterday's blog post for a little more inspiration along these lines!) This week's tune is an office favorite, but with a twist! As you listen to Florence and the Machine's Shake it Out, remixed by electro POP genius Benny Benassi, find a groove where you can let go of life for a moment and just hoop. The combination of this entrancing song and the priceless footage captured during Hoopnotica's summer HoopJams is sure to make you smile at the very least!  

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