Richmond Gets Hoopnotica Certified with Keith Moore!

Richmond Flow 1 semipriv. 7/12

Here's to our new small group of Hoopnotica Certified Instructors!  They were so welcoming as Master Trainer Keith Moore swooped in for a semi-private HoopnoticaFlow 1 training with these lovely lady hoopers. They were one of the first hoopers to experience the hottest new training we have to offer: HoopnoticaFlow 1 and HoopnoticaFlow 2.  If you are already certified in HoopnoticaFiT, this is a great course to take that offers new additional moves you can add to your Hoop Fitness routines.  Make your students feel beautiful and graceful within the hoop while breaking an incredible sweat! It is also the perfect course to take if you want to teach Hoopdance, perform at venues, or just to deepen your own hooping practice! If you are interested in becoming an HCI (Hoopnotica Certified Instructor) check out our TeachHoopnotica site! Happy Hooping!

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