Summer Hooping Bucket List

[caption id="attachment_1028" align="aligncenter" width="715"]Summertime Hooping Lady Luna Great Summer Hooping Silhouette by Lady Luna[/caption]   Summer is spinning by fast so let's make every day count! Here is our list of hoop-related summer fun, for you to check off, one by one!   1. Hoop at sunset on the beach! 2. Learn one new move from your "wish list" of hoop moves 3. Accidentally learn another new move! (This is a great one to learn) 4. Get someone to try hooping for the first time! 5. Host a Hoop Jam at the park 6. Get one awesome hoop silhouette shot of yourself to remember this summer by! (Like the one above, by Lady Luna) 7. Hula Hoop in a sprinkler! 8. Choreograph a simple hoop sequence to your favorite song 9. Have a hoop session with your best friend 10. Hoop under the stars! 11. Take your hoop on vacation..even if it's just a day trip! 12. Bring your hoop to a neighborhood barbecue or picnic 13. Give someone a hoop (and change their life forever!) 14. Enter Hoopnotica's amazing Rainbow Pride Hoop Kit Give Away! (See our Facebook post from 8/9/13) 15. Take a video of yourself practicing, even the moves you're still shaky on! Next summer, you can review it and see how much you've improved! How many of these have you done so far?  


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