Hooping with Katie Sunshine

Reality Show: Meeting One of Hooping's New Superstars in Real Life! Katie Sunshine for Hoopnotica Superstar Hooper Rebecca dishes on her afternoon with Hooperstar Katie Sunshine and reveals what exclusive content you should be on the look out for!   A few months ago I was blogging from home on a Friday afternoon when I got a call from Melissa Palmer (Hoopnotica CEO) telling me that hooping YouTube sensation and southern belle Katie Sunshine was in LA and was free that afternoon to meet up and impart some of her hooping wisdom to us! Next thing I knew, Hoopnotica Videographer Ellen Phillips and I were on our way to meet with Katie at her family's Glendale home to talk hooping and to shoot some video tutorials! Katie was really friendly and super approachable. She came out to greet us as we pulled up to her uncle's house with a bright blue flower in her hair and a big grin on her face. We headed out to the backyard to hoop and admire the gorgeous view. Katie is a great example of a truly generous hooper (Generosity is one of our Five Words to Hoop By) in that she was happy to share some of her tricks with us and with you! This generosity of spirit makes Katie even more of an inspiration.   The tutorials that Katie made for Hoopnotica will be available on Katie's YouTube Channel next week, so be sure to subscribe now!   Get Katie's Hoop Here

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