You Asked: How Do I Get Over The "Hooping Blues"?

Often when we first start hooping we feel like we are learning new things and getting better and better every day and then after a little while (a few months or more) we suddenly feel like our progress drops off....   We received this question on our Facebook Page from Chelsea D: "I have been hooping for a few months now and at first I was doing really good, catching on really fast. But now I seem to have plateaued out. Any tips or advice to help me get out of this funk ?!" Even the most seasoned hoopers can get the hoop blues from time to time. So it is important to acknowledge that we can sometimes go through periods of feeling frustrated in the hoop. The good thing is, this feeling always passes. Here are some tips to get you out of your hooping "funk" fast and back into that sweet honeymoon phase with your hoop!   1. Try a new sensory approach to hooping! Some hoopers choose to hoop with a blindfold on so that they can feel and hear the hoop better. Just make sure you try this in an uncluttered space! 2. In this same can try making "Power Playlists" for hooping that will inspire you to get out of your hooping comfort zone and get you to loosen up and feel good! 3. We sometimes get stuck doing the same few moves we love. Meeting up with other hoopers so that you can see all of incredible possibilities of hoop moves and styles...and get inspired to switch it up! (MORE: Learn how you can find hoopers near you!) 4. Switch up your hoop! Getting a new hoop may seem counter-intuitive at a time when you are feeling disenchanted with the one you already have..but getting a new hoop (of a different size/weight) can reignite some of your curiosity about hooping and also make you feel less complacent. You may not be able to do all of the same moves with your new hoop right away but that makes it a challenging puzzle for you to figure out! Different types of hoops also allow you to engage different parts of your body...for example, MiniHoops are exclusively used on your hands and require a different skill set from on body hooping. Polypro Hoops are also a fun option, even though more advance, because they are so light, you can start to learn beautiful floating moves with them.

5. Find a Hoopnotica Class in your area! (See our Find an Instructor page) or, if there isn't a class near you, set up a Skype session with a Hoopnotica Certified Instructor like Hoopnotica's incredible Jacqui Becker! You can email to set up your web tutorial session.

6. Get Certified to Teach Hoopnotica! There is a consensus in the Hoopnotica Certified Instructor Community that getting Certified not only teaches you how to be an effective and engaging instructor, it actually helps you to see how all of the amazing moves you have been doing fit together! Happy Hooping!  

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