Amazing Hooper Jennifer Dennehy Confesses What She's "Terrible" At...and Makes Us Feel Like Its Okay to Always Be Learning

Professional instructor and performer Jennifer Dennehy spreads hoop love all over Erie, PA. She is an astounding performer and an inspirational instructor and yet she is super down to earth. Find out more about Jennifer's amazing hoop journey in her refreshingly candid Hooper Q&A!

Name: Jennifer Dennehy

Hooping Hometown: Erie, PA

Years Hooping: 3 years 9 months

Who introduced you to hooping?  I saw two women hooping at a drum circle on the beach, Carissa Perez and Anna Haller

What was the biggest challenge for you?  Waist hooping. I spent 3 hours that day unsuccessfully trying to hoop but was hooked. The women said they would return to the beach in two weeks. It is all I thought about and I had a dream that I was a hula hoop champion. Ever since I have been able to waist hoop.

Who is a hooper you admire? Brecken Rivara, she has a unique style and very nimble knees. I personally have arthritis in my knees so I really enjoy watching her because she moves in a way that I genuinely can't.

Where is your favorite place to hoop? Presque Isle State Park in Erie, PA. It is where I found hooping so it holds a special place for me.

What is the weirdest place you have ever hooped An airport in Costa Rica.

If you could hoop anywhere in the world where would it be? India!

What has been, in your opinion, your biggest achievement as a hooper?  Becoming a Pennsylvania Council on the Arts Rostered Teaching Artist. This has enabled me to develop programming in which I go into school classrooms and teach math, reading, science through hoop dance. This work is super meaningful and simultaneously spread the love of hoop dance to our youth.

What do you consider to be your signature move?  This is a tough one….I believe my style of incorporating dance technique and fluidity into my flow is my signature. But if I had to choose one hoop technique that I am known for it is probably foot hooping in a headstand. I have taught every member of my hoop troop, Lake Effect Hoop Troop, and most local hoopers how to do it.

What is your hooping dream?  My dream was to develop a career that would allow me to hoop and dance full time. As of this month it marks 2 years of having a successful full time career as a hoop dancer. My latest hooping dream is to develop more curriculum based programs and teach them in school classrooms throughout the nation. I would also like to travel to under privileged countries to teach hoop dance and its benefits.

What is your hooping confession?  I am terrible at tosses! It's amazing to know that every hooper has more to learn! 



Jennifer is not only an amazing teacher but performer as well! She captivates her audiences with her flow and unique, graceful style.  To get a small taste of Jennifer's incredible performance abilities, you can't miss this video of her performance at a community World Hoop Day event that brought together hoopers all over the east coast. See more from Miss Dennehy on her website or her youtube channel 

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