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If your travels ever land you in Bristol, CT be sure to stop by Just Flow Fun and meet Hoopnotica certified instructor Stephanie Walsh. Mother of two and an ESPN employee Stephanie has been incorporating hoop fitness and dance into her life for over 9 years.

After surviving the loss of both parents in the year 2013 Stephanie experienced a soul crushing death of her inner self but rose from the ashes in a spiritual rebirth. Following a hoop filled experience in Prague at Hoopurbia, an urban Hoop conference, Stephanie returned home, led by her love for hoop dance and her soul revival to become a Hoopnotica Certified Instructor. Fueled by her passion to share the healing powers of Hoop Dance Stephanie created Just Flow Fun; a hoop-centric studio where you can attend hoop classes, take private/semi private lessons and purchase custom made adult sized Hoops.

Alongside the studios webpage Stephanie has a blog comprised of inspirational images and touching stories of hope for Hoopers enduring an emotional struggle of their own. Just another way Stephanie uses her personal experience of tragedies to help heal and connect with others.

As a Hooper Stephanie is very involved in the Hoop community and has had the opportunity to train alongside Hoopalicous of Hoop Revolution, Jacqui Becker of Hoopnotica, Shakti Sunfire and more! Just one of many amazing Hoopnotica Certified Instructors, Stephanie is making a difference one hoop at a time!!!

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MY PREFERRED HOOPING STYLE: Is dance. I LOVE to dance. I haven't ever taken any classes or been trained in dancing and I don't know how I look to others doing it, but MAN have I always loved it. Music has always been a huge part of my life and dancing to music was a way for me to express things that I couldn't put in to words or keep silent at a very early age. I don't know that I have a certain "style" in the hoop...unless getting totally lost inside of it and the music is a style. I try not to think too much about technique and instead, focus on feeling good and the expression that comes out during songs that touch me.

I TEACH BECAUSE: To me, the hoop is the ultimate representation of connectedness. It connects us with our childhood, it connects us with our bodies, it connects to our bodies. It can simultaneously create laughter, quiet the mind and bring us back to a time in life where distractions, worries and stress were virtually non-existent and . My hope is to help facilitate that connectedness with each person who steps in my class

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January 16, 2023

Just like to say hi, my daughter made me a weighted hoop like 7 yrs ago very large water filled hoop and I just love it. I can actually keep it going around my hips and that’s about it. But lost in time I get. Last summer as we were camping it got bent and started leaking water :( it still works somewhat. But yesterday I found one on our ,Ohio yard sale page. It’s big, heavy and it’s a hoopnotica hoop ,sport yaaaa. With a 4 CD pack. I bought it soooo excited. But know nothing about it yet. Any comments would be gratefully appreciated :) I have your adult children we camp and hoop. But they all are experienced small lighted hoops. Computerized.

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