8 Reasons to Start a Hoola Hoop Workout in 2017

hoola hoop workout

For many individuals who aren’t accustomed to a regular fitness routine, exercise is intimidating. What if you look ridiculous? You aren’t even sure what an elliptical even looks like--let alone how to use one. Not only that, but what if you aren’t in the shape you want to be in yet? The gym can be swimsuit season on steroids--especially at the beginning of the year when it’s the most crowded.

Adopting a consistent fitness routine should never elicit fear, self-loathing or anxiety. And exercising does not require a gym membership. The simplest way to stay in shape is to adopt an exercise routine that is so much fun, you’ll want to be exercising all day!

Enter the hoola hoop. Or hula hoop (as it can be spelled both ways!). Hooping is a fun, easy and budget-friendly form of fitness. The hoola hoop workout has become so en vogue that celebrities have adopted the hoop as their latest, greatest piece of fitness equipment.

Beyoncé—yes, THE Beyoncé—hoops to maintain her physique. First Lady Michelle Obama hoops. Perfectly quirky indie it-girl Zooey Deschanel opts for the hoop. Even Shaq hoops beyond the basketball court.

Celebrate a new year by grabbing a hoop and beginning a hoola hoop workout for a healthier happier new year and new you!

Hooping is simple!

Anyone can hoop! Grandparents, young kids, millennials. Even if the hips can’t move well, use the hoop in other ways. Hoops are versatile. Jump rope with them. Use them on the legs. Or the arms. Hoops can hoop anywhere on the body!

Hooping burns calories…fast!

Yes, everything we do burns calories. But hooping burns LOTS of calories, without the dedication of a ton of time. Hooping can burn up to seven calories a minute, or 210 calories per half-hour workout. Hooping works the body and gets the heart pumping. And hooping has been shown to be a great workout for weight control. So hoop it up!

Hooping is low impact for joints.

Hooping is a relatively low impact exercise, so knees and leg joints won’t take a brutal beating. Unlike running or even brisk walking, which requires the feet and legs to quite literally pound at the pavement, hooping can be done on carpet or anywhere with the space to move.

Hooping helps cinch the waist.

Hooping helps tone and trim the core. The muscles used to keep the hoop in rotation may become stronger through regular hooping. And some studies have shown that hooping may help trim waist and hip size.

hoola hoop workout

Hoop for relaxation.

Hooping can be both a form of fitness and a form of relaxation at the same time. The rhythmic motions of rotating the hoop can keep the mind focused and mindful. Hoop for stress relief and to move the mind from negative thoughts, worries or to help loosen up after a bad workday.

Hooping lifts the spirits.

It’s easy to smile while hooping, because the hoola hoop is pure joy! Hoops are so much fun and spark smiles on so many faces that Hoola for Happiness, a non-profit organization in Tampa, Fla., sends hoops around the world. According to the organization: “The hoop may seem like just a silly child’s toy, but it is an incredibly powerful “joy magnet” for transcending language barriers, introducing joy where hope has been lost, creating pockets of light in darkness, and releasing freedom for bodies and souls.” Hoola hoops can and have changed lives.

Hooping improves coordination.

Hooping may go above and beyond just one hoop. When the body is required to spin multiple hoops at once on different places on the body, focus and coordination are vital. Over time and with lots of practice, a hoola hoop workout pro can move with multiple hoops. Going from one to two or more hoops pushes the body to fine-tune gross motor abilities and improves coordination.

Hooping helps hit the recommended weekly fitness guidelines.

Every person needs fitness. The Centers for Disease Control recommends that adults need “at least 150 minutes (or 2 hours and 30 minutes) each week of moderate intensity aerobic exercise” and strengthening exercises on two days per week. A half hour each day of hooping provides the minimum daily requirement of aerobic exercise needed for a healthy lifestyle.

Begin 2017 by adopting a hoola hoop workout routine for a healthier lifestyle. Not only is hooping fun, but hoola hoop workouts are also the “it” fitness obsession for many of Hollywood’s A-list stars. Find a happier, healthier new you and…jump in the hoop!

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