9 Morning Detox Habits That Transform Your Body & Your Life

We all know that the way we spend our mornings can set the tone for our entire day. When we’re rested, well fed, and relaxed when we start our day, things just seem to go well.

So why is it that so many of us poorly plan our morning hours? Instead of taking our time to make breakfast, read the paper, or just take time to meditate, we pound the snooze button over and over until there’s barely enough time to scramble out the door! As a result, we feel rushed, groggy, and stressed all day long - and we come home just exhausted enough to do it all again tomorrow.

It’s time to break that cycle! Make a change and add these healthy habits to your morning routine, and you’ll see results in your health, your appearance, your mood, and your life.

First Things First

Catch The Worm

You know what they say: the early bird gets the worm.  In fact, health experts have found that early risers are more proactive, have greater mental health, and eat a healthier diet than those of us who hit snooze six times before getting up.

Ideally, you should wake around 6 o’clock; this is when the body prepares to expel waste, so rising at this hour prevents toxins from building up in your system. Then, once you’re out of bed, you can get a jump start on your morning routine.

Sweat It Out

At some point, we’ve all claimed that we “don’t have time to work out.” But the truth is just the opposite: as obesity becomes a steadily growing epidemic around the world, we don’t have the time not to!

Spend 30 minutes exercising in the morning. You can do any exercise you want - go running, life weights, spend some time with a hula hoop, just get moving. You’ll experience an endorphin rush, and the sweat will help detoxify your body and prepare you for the day ahead.

Get Your Mind Right

This is why learning to cope with it can absolutely change your life for the better. One of the most effective ways to overcome stress is also one of the best ways to elevate your mood when you start the day: meditation.

Even as little as 20 minutes of quiet meditation can help you calm your mind and find some inner peace, which is sure to follow you throughout your day. That’s right, you can find some peace of mind and make your day infinitely better in less time than it takes to watch a sitcom!

Fresh and Clean

Freshen Up With Oil Pulling

Your mouth is home to millions of bacteria, and throughout the day it's introduced to millions more. Start each day with a mouth that’s as clean as it can be by oil pulling before you eat or brush your teeth.

Oil pulling is an ancient detoxifying ritual in which you swish coconut oil around your mouth for up to 20 minutes. The oil acts like a magnet for all those nasty toxins that may be lurking in your mouth, and when you spit it out (into the trash can, never the sink), those toxins go right with it! This ritual is great for your health, and it even has great benefits like whiter teeth and clearer skin.

Dry Brush Before You Shower

Before you hop into the shower (which you’ll need after your morning workout), you can use a body brush to exfoliate your skin while you’re still dry. Short, quick strokes along your body can help dead skin cells fall off, leaving you with a healthy glow.

Dry brushing also helps stimulate your lymph fluid, which circulates the body and takes toxins to the lymph nodes to be destroyed. With this one simple ritual, you’ll be clearing toxins from your body more efficiently everyday - and look great doing it, too.

Give Hydrotherapy a Try

If you want to boost circulation and prevent inflammation in your body, you may want to try hydrotherapy one you’re in the shower. This detoxifying system involves alternating between hot and cold water every 30 seconds.

As your body adjusts to the temperature changes, your blood vessels will contract and expand. This helps improve your circulation, and flush toxins and waste from the body. Some say hydrotherapy can even help burn off fat! If nothing else, the cold water will certain get you wide awake.

Nutritionally Balanced

Sip Some Lemon Water

When you wake up, it is important to get your body moving as quickly as possible, both inside and out. Your morning workout will get your blood flowing and your limbs warm, but how can you get your insides ready for the day?

The answer is actually quite simple. A glass of warm water with lemon will start up your digestive system and provide essential enzymes to the liver that help flush out toxins. Make sure to drink your water before anything else for the day (yes, even before your coffee). You’re sure to see a marked difference in how you feel.

Start With a Detox Breakfast

After you drink your lemon water, you should wait about 30 minutes before indulging in a little breakfast. Just make sure you don’t reach for the easy (and unhealthy) stuff! Fix yourself a nice detox smoothie, or chow down on a bowl of granola.

The food you eat will help determine how good you feel all day long, so make sure you’re giving yourself the very best. And don’t you dare head out the door without anything! Remember what your mom always said: breakfast is the most important meal of the day.

Detox To-Go

The office is one of the hardest places to stay on a healthy diet, and it’s the one place where we all spend most of our time. Between the snacks in the breakroom, the fast food on every corner, and the stress we’re under in the average work day, it can be very easy to give into temptations if you’re not prepared.

Take a little time in the morning (or if you’d rather, the night before) to prepare a healthy detoxifying lunch like a soup or salad. When your lunch is already prepared, you’ll be less likely to head out to your nearest vending machine or drive-thru for a midday pick me up. Not only that, your healthy lunch will fuel your body better, giving you energy that will last the rest of the workday.

Each of these habits are small changes to your day, but trust me - they will make a big difference. Give them a try this week and see just how your day changes for the better!

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