Are Collapsible Hoops Durable?

We all know that hula hooping is a safe, effective, and FUN way to get in shape. But, what do you do when you have to go out of town for a few days, whether it’s for work or pleasure? Hula hoops are definitely a bit awkward and cumbersome to carry around, especially if you have to get on a plane! So, should you invest in a collapsible hoop? What are the pros and cons of these handy travel tools? Do they still provide an effective workout? Keep reading to learn the answers to all these questions AND MORE!

Easy to Store

The idea behind collapsible hula hoops is that they allow you to take the tools you need to go hula hooping with you anywhere. When fully assembled, the hoops look and function just like a traditional hoop, but they easily break apart so that they can be stored in small spaces. Special straps are used to hold the pieces together and transport the bundle easily, and, with an instructional DVD and some practice, you’re ready to hoop whenever, wherever!

Cost Effective

Travel hoops cost about the same amount of money as traditional hoops do, but they can double up as your at-home hoop and your on-the-road hoop! In the long-run, this may save you some money. Remember: spending a little bit of money on a quality hula hoop right now will result in long term benefits for your cardiovascular and muscular health!

collapsible hoops

Great Workout

Because a collapsible hoop is just the same as a traditional hoop, only in a more portable form, scientists know that the two forms of exercise give you the exact same type of workout. Just thirty minutes of hooping a day will tone your hips, buttocks, arms, and core, while also burning more than 300 calories. So, if you decide to go the travel hoop route, there’s no reason to fret about the health benefits!


Travel hoops are just as durable as normal hoops. They’re still made from a high-quality grade of plastic, and are strong and supple. Plus, engineers have designed them with enough attention to detail to be sure that they can withstand the demands of a busy travel schedule.


Of course, it’s important to remember that travel hoops definitely have some drawbacks. Most notable is the potential to lose individual segments of the hula hoops. Fortunately, by using your strap system as directed, you can lower this risk by quite a lot. And, if you do happen to lose a piece anyway, you can also buy a handy replacement piece. Some people like to purchase an extra segment to carry along with their collapsible hoop just in case they ever find themselves in a pinch.

Overall, travel hula hoops are a great alternative to the traditional, single-piece hoop. They are portable, cost-effective, provide a fantastic workout, and, with a bit of careful upkeep, are fairly easy to keep track of! If you’re someone who is on the go a lot, investing in a collapsible hoop could be a great move for you!

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