The Top 5 Hoop Dance Youtube Videos

YouTube attracts millions of viewers daily with a seemingly infinite catalogue of videos. While the online video hub creates the perfect online diversion, the site also acts as an amazing visual reference for viewers who seek guidance and instruction on any given topic. YouTube offers both avid and amateur hoopers inspiration for new hooping routines, amazing demonstrations of hoop acrobatics and even how-to videos to introduce kids (and adults!) to the fun of the hoop.

Hula hooping is much more than just rotating the hoop around the waist. Hooping includes acts of agility, challenging dance moves and feats of flexibility. Check out the best of YouTube’s hooping videos to discover new opportunities to get in the hoop:

Best Kid’s Hooping Dance Video:

Kids love hula hooping for the fun and silliness that hooping movements create. Challenge kids to go beyond the typical hoop routine by pulling up the best and most joyfully entertaining hooping video for kids on YouTube. Boasting almost nine-million views, the adorably sweet and happy animated character Bada Namu teaches kids new hooping dance routine in the video “Hoola Hoola Hooping.” Younger kids will love the character and the upbeat music, and even parents won’t be able to resist the temptation to dance along…because Bada has some crazy cool hoop moves! Dance, sing and hoop with Bada Namu!

Most Amazing Solo Hoop Dance Video

Rachel Lust masters the hoops in her video “Groove.” The video features Lust contorting her body with effortless ease as she positions the hoop. She amazingly rotates the hoop from her calves up her body while always keeping the hoop in motion. Her masterful movements reveal hoop skills that are worthy of study for those who want to take their routine to the next level. Set to Oiko’s techno-beat “Groove,” Lust’s moves are choreographed perfection.

Most Hypnotic Hooping Video

Turn out the lights and glow with the hoop. LED lights in hoops display a hypnotic effect as they spin in the dark. Perfect for music festivals like Ultra or Burning Man, LED hoops give dancers that techno touch as they spin and move. Hooper Lisa Lottie spins six LED hoops in her video and the result is an acrobatic hooping masterpiece that leaves viewers in a hypno-trance.

Best Hooping How-To Video for Beginners

Most adults learned to hula hoop as kids. The basics of the hoop seem simple…slip the hoop around the waist, wiggle the hips and keep the hoop in motion. However, the world of the hula hoop opens up to more complicated dance routines and challenging hoop moves. Never even picked up a hoop? Learn the very basics of hooping (start with the waist) with Deanne Love’s video “How to Hula Hoop for Total Beginners.” Once the basics have been mastered, learn from Love to use the hoop for a great workout with her video “Beginner Hoop Dance Workout.”

The Hula-Hooping Cat Video

A YouTube video compilation list is never complete without the inclusion of a cute cat video. And cats love hooping too, just in their own crazy way. The cat in this video goes insane inside a rainbow-hued hoop and even manages to keep the hoop in rotation.

Use YouTube’s bottomless supply of videos to find new ways to explore the world of hooping. Learn new tricks, discover dance routines or master the basics. Wherever the video search leads, viewers will always uncover new and crazy ways to stay in the hoop.

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