Why You Should Be Hula Hooping for Exercise This Winter

Are you trying to slim down, tone up, or just stay in shape? Cardio exercises such as running, biking, and swimming are the perfect way to meet your fitness goals, but there’s just one problem: you have to do these outside unless you have access to a gym. Exercising outdoors isn’t a problem for three out of the four seasons, but when the temperatures begin to drop, the last place you want to be is finishing up a nice, long run. So, how can you continue to work towards your fitness goals during the winter? Grab a hula hoop!

Hula hooping can be done anywhere, so no matter how hot or cold it gets outside, you can still complete a workout. Here are some of the many benefits of hula hooping for exercise:


Unlike many other forms of exercise, you don’t need to invest in expensive equipment in order to start hula hooping. In fact, the only piece of equipment you will need is an inexpensive hula hoop.


If you were to buy a treadmill or stationary bike, you would need to clear out a lot of room within your home to make space for this equipment. However, hula hoops don’t take up much room, so you don’t need to have a gym at home in order to practice hula hooping on a regular basis. Travel hoops, which are traditional hula hoops that can be broken down into smaller pieces, are even more portable and easy to store, so look for these if you really don’t have much space.


During a long run or bike ride, you have probably found yourself questioning how much longer you have until you’ve reached your time or distance goal, but these questions don’t pop into your mind when you’re hula hooping for exercise. Because hula hooping is so different from other exercises, you won’t find your mind wandering—you’ll be too focused on the fun!

Easy for everyone.

Some people physically can’t run or bike ride because of certain injuries or aches and pains. Hitting the pavement repeatedly during a run can put a lot of stress on the joints, and lead to major injuries over time. But, hula hooping is a low impact exercise, so almost everyone can do it. Swinging a hula hoop around your hips will not put a great deal of pressure on your joints or bones, so you’ll get a great workout without hurting your body.

Core strength.

Most cardio exercises can burn calories without building up strength, but hula hooping can do both. The movement required to keep the hula hoop in motion will challenge all of your core muscles, so after the winter is over, you may notice a firmer midsection. Not only will this help you feel more confident, but a strong core can also improve your posture and balance.

Now that you know the many benefits of hula hooping for exercise, try to incorporate this workout into your regular routine. You may need to start off slow if you’re not used to the movements, but over time, you’ll become a hula hooping—and fitness—expert!

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