What is Hooping?

 Hooping is Habit-forming!

Hooping is a fun form of physical fitness that will have you hooked! Hooping isn’t just the waist hooping you remember doing as a child. Hoopnotica has revolutionized traditional hooping by incorporating dance elements in an accessible curriculum of on-body and off-body moves that will have you burning over 400/cal an hour!

Get ready to become addicted to how good hooping makes you feel about yourself and your body!
Here are some more incredible facts about hooping and the amazing effects it can have on your body and your mind!


  1. Hooping is a full body workout.

    Science supports what devoted hoopers have long suspected: hooping works the entire body. According to a recent study, 30 of your body's muscles are engaged to keep that hoop twirling.

  2. Hooping will make you feel the (calorie) burn.

    The American Council on Exercise proved in a 2011 study that Waist Hooping burns over 400 calories per hour, and as many as 600 when the arms and legs are engaged.

  3. Hooping is good for your heart.

    Twenty minutes of hooping a day is the kind of physical activity recommended for improving and maintaining your health.

  4. It improves your spine's strength and flexibility.

    The diet and health blog 3FatChicks, one of several online sources on the subject, explains the hoop's spinal benefits best:
     "While performing hula hooping, you make very rhythmic rocking movements forward and backward, shifting your weight along the way. This kind of movement releases the tension of the muscles surrounding the sacrum (the lower part of the back) and realigns the sacrum with the rest of the spine. As a result, blood flow to the spine improves and total flexibility of the spine is increased."

  5. It improves hand-eye co-ordination and motor skills.

    Hooping in both directions engages both hemispheres of your brain while promoting muscular balance and alignment.

  6. The "H" Factor. Happiness.

    Let's be honest: the amazing physical benefits are a powerful perk, but most of us fall in love with hooping because of how it makes us feel thanks to a wonderful burst of endorphins.

     Warning: Hooping is habit-forming! You may soon become addicted to the incredible feeling of success that you get from learning and mastering a new move.