Why Teach Hoopnotica?

How is Hooping different from other forms of exercise?

 Treadmills don’t teach you anything. Hooping strengthens and tones your muscles and helps you shed pounds while engaging both your body and your mind. Exercise experts have long agreed: the exercise that is fun is the one that you are most likely to stick with! Hooping is a low-impact weight loss tool that is fun, effective, portable, and has been proven effective by the American Council on Exercise (ACE). Hooping burns 420+ calories an hour and Hoopnotica’s adult-sized fitness hoops are easy for learning...and for teaching others!


Why get certified to teach Hooping?

Even if you have only recently discovered the joy of hooping for yourself, you may already have started teaching friends and family how to hoop. Whether you are an amateur hooper looking to immerse yourself further into the world of hooping or you are already a hoop instructor who would like to have the latest teaching techniques at your disposal, TeachHoopnotica™ is here for you! Your certification will provide you with the very best in phrasing, troubleshooting, and expert teaching techniques to make you a more confident, more effective hoop instructor.


What can TeachHoopnotica™ offer me? 

The short answer: The very best in tried and tested teaching tools! TeachHoopnotica™ has always been the forerunner in the realm of hooping certifications and, as such our programs have set the industry standards for efficacy and professionalism. Hoopnotica has grown to be the world leader in hoop instruction for a reason: our programs work. With our curricula, students, including adults who have tried and failed to hoop since childhood, learn faster than they ever thought possible--often in a matter of minutes. Learn more about how we teach.

All Hoopnotica Programs are ACE and AFFA approved and are CEU credit-bearing. TeachHoopnotica™ is backed by the testimonials of our extended family of thousands of Certified Hoopnotica Instructors across the globe.


See what our Certified Instructors are saying!


"Hoop Class = Happiness! This is truly the most amazing thing I get to teach! I get to help people smile, let go, relax, have fun, laugh, and just feel GOOD! It really is more than fitness!"

Ewa Johnson, Hoopnotica Certified Instructor


“Not only did I come away from my training weekend feeling empowered, exhilarated, exhausted, and rewarded, but I have the Hoop Bug more than ever! I can't wait to find opportunities to try the new things I learned...Learning the proper techniques was definitely worth the time!”

Katherina, Hoopnotica Certified Instructor


“I love the clear method that Hoopnotica has for explaining and demonstrating moves to students. They cover all different learning types, so you're prepared to troubleshoot and work with your students in whatever way works best for them.”

Amanda, Hoopnotica Certified Instructor


The support, attention, and camaraderie you’ll experience during your Hoopnotica training process doesn’t end when your certificate arrives in the mail.


Not only does our optional licensing program allow HCIs (Hoopnotica Certified Instructors) to promote themselves using the Hoopnotica name and logo, it also provides access to a password-protected, teachers-only website that’s loaded with valuable features for hoop professionals:

  • Professional downloadable marketing materials
  • Permissions to use Hoopnotica's logos
  • Special press and event opportunities
  • Teaching tips, tricks, and Q&As with our Master Trainers
  • Wholesale pricing and special product deals
  • A social forum for connecting with fellow instructors
  • An insightful hoop business-focused blog
  • Exclusive instructor apparel
  • And so much more!

You’ll receive a special invitation to sign up for licensing immediately following your training. Licensing-related questions may be directed to training@hoopnotica.com.