The HoopScoop - June

HELLO BEAUTIFUL HOOPERS Summer officially begins this month, temperatures are rising, and celebs and fitness fanatics are taking to the hoop to look hot this summer. Nicole Kidman and Jennifer Aniston were spotted having a hoop-off in Hawaii, wrote about Hoopnotica as a fun outdoor fitness activity, interviewed HealthCorps students about Hoopnotica’s fitness curriculum, and InStyle Magazine recommends Hoopnotica as one of the best ways to look great in a Bikini this summer. The Hoopnotica office is buzzing with new developments. We are proud to announce that we’re opening the first ever Hoopnotica Studio in Los Angeles, CA. Having our very own studio space means that we can host Hoopnotica classes 7 days a week! If you’re interested in attending, or if you are a Hoopnotica certified instructor who wants to host your class at our studio, visit our “classes” page for more info. Our partnership with HealthCorps is still going strong. Hoopnotica has participated in several “Highway to Health” festivals over the past few weeks. We love bringing the joy and fitness benefits of Hoopnotica to teens and families across the country.  Please continue to support this partnership through the purchase of a branded HealthCorps Hoop. Look hot in the hoop this summer, AND support a great cause! Keep Hooping! Gabriella Redding CEO & Hoopmamma THE SCOOP InStyle Magazine featured Hoopnotica as one of the "10 Ways To Look Great in a Bikini" Us Weekly pictured Marisa Tomei hooping with her Hoopnotica TravelHoop. She learned from the best! (us!) Our Preg-O hoops were featured in the Café Mom Blog. filmed our HealthCorps Hoopnotica Hoop Jam at Canoga Park High School. Andrea Metcalf wrote about Hoopnotica in her blog! Seventeen Magazine posted a video of Hoopnotica CEO Gabriella Redding doing Hoopnotica in their offices on our recent NYC press tour. Healthy Bitch Daily wrote about Hoopnotica's fabulous health and fat burning benefits. Hot and Healthy Living wrote about doing Hoopnotica for a flat stomach. Business Makers Radio interviewed Hoopnotica CEO Gabriella Redding.   WHAT'S HOT NOW The HealthCorps Hoop This year, we've chosen to work with Dr. Oz. and his non-profit HealthCorps®. In addtion to fundraising on efforts on behalf of the organization, Hoopnotica classes will be offered at HealthCorps high schools across the country. All proceeds from the sale of this specially designed hoop go to HealthCorps®. This hoop also includes the DVD of your choice. You can choose from Beginning Level 1 or 2, or our Intermediate Level 3 DVD. Bring the joy of Hoopnotica to high schools around the country and get yourself a super cute hoop while you're at it.   HOOPER OF THE MONTH Nominate yourself or a friend to be Our Favorite Hooper! Send us a pic and your story HERE. If we choose your story, we'll send you out a beautiful Limited Edition Hoop! Hooper of the MonthName: Emily Millen Hooper Since: 2009 Age: 23 Location: Los Angeles, CA Occupation: HealthCorps Coordinator Favorite Hoop:The HealthCorps hoop of course! Favorite Song to Hoop to: I work in a high school, so we've all got Beiber Fever “I first got started hooping when Hoopnotica came to my health fair that I put on as part of my job as a HealthCorps Coordinator at Canoga Park High School. It's a great workout and the perfect alternative to the mundane P.E. class exercises that all my students hate. I purchased a bunch of hoops for my students and implemented "Hooping Wednesdays", where we take the hoops outside during lunch on Wednesday and hoop with a DJ spinning jams for us. The kids LOVE it, and they'll follow me around campus asking to go grab the hoops out of my office. They're definitely a hit at my high school. I'm all for anything that gets my students moving!” I'm so honored to be hooper of the month! Hooping is such a great way to connect with my students, which is definitely my favorite part of it. Also, my mom once won a hooping contest at summer camp and my little dachshund Stewart's favorite trick is to jump through a hoop for treats, so hooping clearly runs in the family!

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