The HoopScoop - December

HELLO BEAUTIFUL HOOPERS I just returned from Costa Rica, on a fabulous tropical holiday. In the far reaches of the world (miles away from cell service and Wi-Fi) Santa is not really doing much to support his season. In fact, the only reminder that the “Holidays” are upon us were evidenced by the sparse decorations we saw in the Liberia airport. Nothing else- no Christmas lights, no stockings, no snow…. And you can forget about a Menorah. It was as if Costa Rica had elected to ignore the holiday spirit entirely, and I had escaped to land where it doesn’t even exist. Now that I think about it carefully, I really did do just that- escape. Escape = relaxation. Tropical drinks, bonfires, and lots of hooping = TOTAL bliss. Through beach and rainforest; over bridges and through rivers; I hauled 10 full size hoops, 4 sets of minis, 3 hybrids, 2 Fireflies (and a partridge in a pear tree?). And now here I am, on a plane from Miami to Los Angeles… where the holiday hustle and bustle has almost reached its peak. It is from my seat in 18A that I would like to remind you, please remember to hoop. Take the time this season to escape to your own tropical paradise- one that serves your body, mind, and spirit. Let your hoop be the tool that brings you there, no matter where your holiday travels take you. This months’s Scoop is a dedication to supporting YOU. We are truly grateful for all of the love and support we receive from you, and want to give you lots of reasons to share that love with others. From contests and giveaways to both Twitter and Facebook updates, we are committed to being your team in “Hooping through the Holidays”. Whether you hoop for weight loss; performance kudos; or just sheer FUN- the answer is YES: you should take [your hoop] with you. This Holiday edition of the Scoop has everything you will need to do it in style. Pura Vida! Happy Hooping! Gabriella Redding CEO, Hoopnotica Inc.   THE SCOOP Okay, we've ALL been there: you know HOW to make your body do the move you are working on, but it just isn't happening. You've watched the instructional chapter in the DVD; you double checked it on You Tube; and your grandmother just nailed it herself in the back yard. Thought #1: I CANT do this. Thought #2: This is impossible to do: my body doesn't work that way. Thought #3: I don't really NEED to learn chest hooping/hip hooping/ angled arm weaving. Who cares, anyways...? Answer: You, my friend, are a LIAR. It is YOU that deserves to achieve your goals in your practice, and YOU that is getting in your own way. So can the small talk, and keep trying! Take a video of yourself, or have a friend do it. It does not need to be professional; a simple Flip or camera phone will do the trick- and watch yourself objectively. Still stuck? Send that video link to Hoopnotica for critique, just like Suzanne Burke did (see below)! Suzanne is working on some challenging upper body work- watch and see if you can spot what she is/is not doing right in this video, and then read through the provided critique in the section below. We're all in the same boat here- and perfect practice makes perfect! We will feature a new video every month in the HoopScoop. If your video is chosen, we will critique in for FREE. Can't wait? We'd be happy to critique it personally with you. To learn more, click here. TravelHoop included instantly with online orders. *Order by 12/17 for pre-holiday delivery.   WHAT'S HOT NOW Hooping for the Holidays - TRAVEL EDITION: How to Train, Plane, or Coach with Your Hoops in Tow Full Size Limited Edition Hoops: Train: Depending upon the crowd shuffling in and out of the train, a full size hoop can be hand carried. You’ll want to position yourself near the door, preferably against a wall in the train. It is pretty difficult to hoop while inside the train- people could be hurt, and that is never fun. However, rocking a full size hoop over one shoulder is a sure fire way to create conversation, so enjoy! Just make sure to hold on, or sit down. Plane: Unless you are travelling by private jet, it is impossible to carry your full size beauty on the plane with you. Opt instead to wrap it in bubble wrap, label the heck out of it with a sharpie or otherwise, and tape it to death: you’re gonna have to check it. Always bring a Hoopnotica TravelHoop with you as a back-up, and carry that one on the plane. Make sure to pack extra bubble wrap, tape, shipping labels, and pair of scissors for the return trip. Coach: If your car won’t accommodate your roundest friend, strap it to the roof. We have found that HoopStraps do a great job in a pinch, but bungee cords will also work. If you love your hoops, we recommend wrapping them ahead of time in paper or fabric- many a winged insect will meet their fate up there. Just sayin’. LED Fireflys, or other Hoopnotica LED: Train: Curl it up, sling it over your shoulder. Make sure the battery is charged ahead of time, and that you remember your charger. Plane: Follow directions above, and carry it on. You definitely DON’T wanna lose this amazing hoop! TSA tip: make sure to have the battery with you and handy at all times- sometimes security guards want to see that it truly is what you say it is. When you get to your seat, your Firefly will fit easily in the overhead compartment of the plane. Coach: Curl it up, sling it over your shoulder, stick it in the trunk. Make sure the battery is charged ahead of time, and that you remember your charger. If you think it is going to be too hot in there, bring her into the cab, and buckle her in. Mini Hoops: Train: If they don’t fit in your bag, sling em over one shoulder. You might consider tying them together, or using a HoopStrap to carry them. Plane: Easily fit in the overhead- why run the risk of checking them? You can always hit up Target for items if your hoop is lost, but you’ll have a hard time replacing your minis! Coach: These puppies are easy- pack ‘em anywhere. Don’t forget the roadside hoop sessions! Hybrid, or other kid-sized hoop Train: Carry it on your shoulder, tuck it against any available wall. Plane: Because it is too large to pack and too small to check, this is the trickiest of all travelers. The fact is, TSA just doesn’t know what to do with this one. It won’t fit on the belt for screening, and doesn’t appear to be dangerous… but how will it fit on the plane? Answer: have confidence that it will slide right behind the last seat in any section of the plane, or they can put it in the first class coat closet.  Go forth and conquer: it is a matter of finding the security guard/flight attendant that believes in you. Really; where there is a will, there’s a way. If that doesn’t work, feign tears, claim the hoop is your profession and livlihood ("I won't SURVIVE my family without it!") Coach: trunk or back seat. The TravelHoop is the best way to go. Conveniently offered at most CVS stores across the WHOLE country beginning 12/15, if you are in a pinch, you can always grab one on the road. And tell ‘em Gabriella sent ya.   HOOPER OF THE MONTH Nominate yourself or a friend to be Our Favorite Hooper! Send us a pic and your story HERE. If we choose your story, we'll send you out a beautiful Limited Edition Hoop! This video says so much about the potential for a healing Hoop practice. I, like so many of you, have truly been touched both spiritually and emotionally by my experiences in my hoop. This video was circulated and sent to me by a tearful co-worker. Hoopnotica is honored to name Lissa hooper of the month. We celebrates you, Lissa... an average-skilled Hooper with am above-average style and grace, using her hoop to find movement and joy in her life. We ALL can relate to your feelings, knowing that everyone at some point gets overwhelmed by the world around us, and it can threaten to take us down. Our hooping practice, and community, can truly "bring us back to center" as a way that Western Medication cannot rival.
Occupation: Customer Support for Credit Unions Favorite Hoop: "I am currently jamming with my poor battered Hooper Next Door hoop! I love it even though it's pink. ;)" Favorite Song to Hoop to: "It changes every day, week, month! Ha! Right now I'm hooked on a track that's practically a senior citizen in the club world - Murder on the Dance Floor by Sophie Ellis-Bextor." How I Started Hooping: In 2009 hooping kind of blazed through the knitblogging world thanks to Stephanie "Gleek" Pajonas. She linked to the Hoopnotica demo video on her blog and it spread like wildfire! So I saw the video and I was fascinated - I've been dancing all my life, mostly jazz and ballet. This was a whole new animal to me. So a few weeks later at a local festival, I saw a girl selling hoops...I poked my best friend in the arm and said, "It's shiny. I want one."
Hoopnotica loves you Lissa! You are an inspiration and a LOVELY dancer. Thank you, thank you, thank you....

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