The HoopScoop - February

HELLO BEAUTIFUL HOOPERS As I roll through the month of February, I can’t help but think about the general expectations of Valentine’s Day. We often associate Valentine’s Day with celebrating your love with your significant other over dinner, awaiting the “surprise” delivery of flowers to office or place of business, but I believe that we should change the meaning of Valentine’s Day, and celebrate the love that you have for yourself and everyone significant in your life. Find love within yourself and do something that makes you feel good; whether it is hooping to your favorite song, or spending time with friends, or giving to those in need who need a little love and support right now. Many of us fixate on having a love interest to make us feel complete, instead of remembering that we alone are important and valuable. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we could grab our hoop, and center ourselves, and remember that life is supposed to be good, with or without a “love interest” on Valentines Day? As I contemplate love this month, I have decided to focus on how spreading love and appreciation makes everyday better. Loving myself, my hoop, my friends, my family and doing good for those less fortunate is far  more important than focusing on one day. As you go forward for the rest of this month, I invite you to reflect on your choices. I invite you to activate within you a commitment to give and receive love in every moment not just on Feb 14th.  Make it your intention to “be the change you want to see in the world.”  Activate this commitment in your heart and watch your world change in miraculous ways! Hoop Yourself Happy, Gabriella Redding CEO & Hoopmamma   THE SCOOP Certified Instructor Jen Moore, and her husband Keith lost 235 lbs through their Hoopnotica practice. They were featured on the Today Show's "Joy Fit Club". Click here to watch the story of their incredible transformation. Jen and Keith Moore appear on WHEC news in Rochester. Jen and Keith Moore appear on WHAM Rochester. Lori Corbin of ABC7 News, Los Angeles, filmed Hoopnotica class and interviewed Gabriella Redding, aka Hoopmamma. American Council on Exercise (ACE) and the University of Wisconsin release a study on theefficacy of Hooping for fitness. Finally! The medical community agrees with what we've known all along Hoopnotica offers an intense core conditioning cardio workout that lets you melt fat while having FUN! Hoopnotica Certified Instructor Morgan Hembreefeatured on NBC News, Philadelphia. Real Simple Magazine features Hoopnotica's Travel Hoop!   WHAT'S HOT NOW In your hoop, it's all about YOU. The new hoops featured this month are the Aquarius, the Pisces and The Swoop Package (Sweetheart and the B-Boy!). Each one is handmade by artisans here in Venice, CA, created with your happiness in mind. We make these hoops one at a time, with care and love, knowing that each one will arrive in the hands of hoopers who will appreciate our outrageous attention to detail. Why? Because WE LOVE YOU. I's really simple. Then again, so is hooping: "SImple, not easy." Hoopnotica is taking the world by Spin! Our US teacher trainings are attracting wonderful groups of hoopers ages 19 through 65, and we look forward to learning more about the international hoop community.  Become a leading edge hoop educator and join us at one or all of these amazing locations.  Thanks for sharing the details with your hoop associates around the world. International Hoopnotica Teacher Trainings: Amsterdam ~ Levels 1 & 2 with Jacqui Becker Saturday & Sunday, February 19 & 20, 2011 UK ~ Levels 1 - 3 with Jacqui Becker Friday, Saturday & Sunday, February 25 - 27, 2011 Ubud, Bali, Indonesia ~ Levels 1 - 2 with Jocelyn Gordon Monday & Tuesday, March 28 & 29, 2011 Register online here. Email Jocelyn Gordon with your questions:

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