Shavonne's Success Story- How She Lost Over 40 lbs. Hooping!

shavonne-beforeafter My Hoop Journey Shavonne had struggled with her weight since childhood. She joined weight watchers in the 6th grade...and over the years subscribed to various fitness/health trends including the P90x and TurboJam. Working full time as a speech pathologist, however, left little room for meal planning and physical activity. Shavonne hit rock bottom, when after graduating college with a major in speech pathology, she tried to donate blood at her local blood bank, and was rejected on the basis of high blood pressure, due to being overweight. This was a devastating turn of events, since giving back to the community had always been an integral part of Shavonne's beliefs. She never thought that her weight could literally preclude her from serving others. It was then that she realized, “You can't help anyone until you learn to help yourself.” Just when Shavonne was more determined than ever to reduce her weight, she became pregnant, and during the course of her pregnancy, her weight reached an all-time high of 225 lbs. After the baby was born she threw out all of her “fat” clothes. There was no going back now, she would have to lose the weight. shavonne-header "I needed to find some way to find myself again." Losing weight was now a must, but making daily trips to the gym seemed even more unfeasible with the new baby. A weight loss program that could be practiced anywhere, at anytime was imperative.  After researching various fitness programs, Shavonne found herself intrigued by the sparkly pink Hoopnotica hoop and was excited to adorn herself with one of her own. In addition, Hoopnotica stood out above other hooping programs because of its cardio benefits, and the fact that it appeared graceful without being too“hippie”. Getting started couldn't have been easier with a perfectly weighted hoop and the Hoopnotica DVD series. “The difference with Hoopnotica, is that I can pick it up anywhere; in the living room, between clients at work, and during my lunch break.” Shavonne hoops an hour a day and has a number of methods to keep motivated. She leaves a hoop everywhere she goes: one in her car, another in her husband's car, and a third in her mother's home. There is a permanent collection of hoops in her office, and it isn't unusual for Shavonne to hoop half of her lunch break away. She loves the fact that Hoopnotica is a social exercise and has persuaded many of her co-workers to join in on the fun. Shavonne continues to spread the word of her success with Hoopnotica as well as instructing others through her own youtube video channel. She has discovered a wealth of techniques that she is quick to share with others. Don't have the space?  Can't hoop outside because of weather? Shavonne suggests hooping on the bed.  “It's actually an extra workout, as it takes more energy to maintain stability.” If that sounds like too much, I'd recommend going to the gym to practice. “Hoopnotica brings me clarity of mind. It's so much like yoga, with the difference being that I am constantly moving.” Shavonne's impressive weight loss enabled her to give blood again, and also give back to the community by becoming a certified Hoopnotica instructor. She now teaches at at an all women's studio in Detroit called “Fix 'n Fitness.” Shavonne was delighted to become the first certified Hoopnotica teacher in Michigan and singlehandedly brought Hoopnotica to Detroit. Name: Shavonne Age: 30 City: Detroit, MI Occupation: Speech Pathologist Height: 5’1’’ Past Weight: 185 lbs Current Weight: 140 lbs sweetsuccess header medium

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