The HoopScoop - July

HELLO BEAUTIFUL HOOPERS Summer is in full swing, and we are celebrating with a new addition to the Hoopnotica family! Introducing the Hoopnotica Minis program! I am addicted to these little 24" hoops, and have had a great time developing a DVD program to teach you everything I know. The Minis are an amazing arm workout, but challenge the core as well. I get so lost in the movement sometimes that I lose track of time, and am really sore the next day. Over the past few months of practicing, I have had a lot of fun and feel stronger as a result. I can't say that about most things in life! All Hoopnotica workouts essentially redefine the work-out. Learning "out of the box" methods of exercising challenges us to redefine the very concept of working out and shift it into a state of play. The Minis are a new extension of the Hoopnotica philosophy; fun, simple, and effective. We hope you decide to take them for a spin soon! :) Consider pre-ordering your copy of the Minis DVD now! You'll get a discount before they're available to the public, and support our brand in bringing this exciting new movement into the world. Keep Hooping! Gabriella Redding, Founder & Hoopmamma   THE SCOOP Minis DVD Available in August Take your practice to the next level with the newest Hoopnotica DVD- Mini Hooping! This new DVD is not only an arm workout, but works the full body, bringing sexy definition to the deltoids (cap sleeve muscles), triceps and biceps (Michelle Obama arms anyone?), lats and sides of your abs (hello strapless and low back dresses). What's more of a bonus than to practice working a pair of hoops in both hands? Minis develop coordination and creativity as well as works both sides of the brain, which leaves you to generate more amazing hooping ideas! This new DVD ships August 20, 2011     WHAT'S HOT NOW Let your lion-like creativity shine with the latest glow in the dark hoop.  Using one of the Brightest Glow Tapes on the market, made especially with the Leo in mind, this gold and burgundy accented hoop is your favorite new tool for displaying your natural tendency toward leadership. Leos are quick to pick up on the art of hooping, and thrive by having an audience to adore the facility with which they perform and acquire fancy tricks.  However, their well-deserved self-confidence can sometimes degenerate into pompous and patronizing arrogance if not balanced with a little humility.  So show us what you’ve got, Leo, but infuse your hooping practice with benevolent and compassionate self-expression. You’ll be sure to attract many fond admirers as you hoop in perfect circles of love. Spin your way through exhaustion and stress with this Hoopnotica classic, The Burnout hoop. Burnout occurs when the body and mind are no longer able to meet the physical and emotional demands of the workplace. Banish fatigue, poor health and other symptoms of burnout with this exquisite hoop.  So take The Burnout to the break room, share it with your colleagues, and return to the cubicle with renewed engagement and vigor! Your boss will be happy you did!

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