The HoopScoop - June

HELLO BEAUTIFUL HOOPERS I'd like to take the opportunity to welcome all the NEW hoopers in the Hoopnotica community! We are so excited to open up our arms to you, and support you every step of the way as you learn this crazy new form of physical expression. Whether you are here to lose weight; learn a new skill; or want to be just like the graceful and beautiful hoopers you've seen "floating" about...we are here to help you accomplish your goals. Hoopnotica is much more than a fitness class- it is a community of people who enjoy their own practice, and share their experiences with each other openly. For many of us, learning the basics was a struggle. Even "simple" skills , like waist or hip hooping, can feel defeating! We might make everything look really easy now, but it has been an internal journey made only possible by the connection we have had to one another in the Hoopnotica community. So if you haven't done so yet, sign onto Facebook, and follow our posts. There are lots of resources in those pages; including many people who share the shame triumphs and struggles as YOU. Let us support your development as a budding hooper! And when you're ready, head out to a local Hoop Jam. It's where hoopers connect and teach each other what they know- you'll learn some easy tricks to impress yourself (and others) with, and maybe nip a bad habit in the bud. There is nothing like a gentle critique from someone who believes in you. I know I speak for all of us when I say- WE BELIEVE IN YOU! Keep Hooping! Gabriella Redding CEO & Hoopmamma   THE SCOOP LOS ANGELES WORKSHOPS   Hoop Making & Hoop Jam July 23rd 2-4pm Come and learn from Hoopnotica's Master Trainer & Hoop Maker Pamela Crawford as she teaches you the secrets to stopping tapes from creasing, keeping spaces even, and most importantly, how to speed up your wrapping time. (Hoop & Tape Included) After your masterpiece is done, give your new dance partner a name and bond during a 1 hour hoop jam. Gain tips and pointers from Pamela on new moves. Sign Up Here Ignite Your Chest & Thigh Hooping August 6th 2-4pm Even if you have never been able to do these moves before, Master Trainer Pamela Crawford, will get you moving fast!  This all level class will get you isolated, in touch with your core, and toned thighs.  You'll enjoy learning new moves that keep you motivated and inspired to hoop more. Sign Up Here Register Now for These One Of A Kind Classes!   WHAT'S HOT NOW Start the Fireworks - Start the celebration - because Hoopnotica is offering a Hot 2 for 1 deal from now until 8:00 am July 5, 2011.  And with our Flat Rate shipping this is a 4th of July purchase that you don't want to miss! Purchase one of the following - Hooper T-Shirt, iHoop T-Shirt and a Blue Travel Hoop with matching strap of the following and receive a 2nd one Free of Charge!  To shop the whole store click here - the clock is ticking!  

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