The foot flick with Jacqui Becker

This week we bring you the first blog post on our brand new website! This is one of our many tips and tricks from Hoopnotica Master Trainers... Learn this exciting move with Jacqui Becker and get ready to get your Hoop On!  "The Foot Flick" is the best way to transition from on body to off body hooping with, you guessed it - a flick of the foot! You can learn more about Jacqui on her new Facebook fan page! To Get Certified with Jacqui or one of our other amazing Hoopnotica Master Trainers take a look at the calendar   or send us an email to see if Hoopnotica is coming soon to a city near you. MORE INFO You can leave questions and comments for Jacqui below and we would LOVE to see videos of you learning "The Foot Flick"  on Hoopnotica's Facebook page!

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