The First Lady of Hooping

Today we could not be more excited to feature our Hooper Star of the week: the First Lady herself, Michelle Obama. We think that Hoopers everywhere can agree that no matter what side of the party you are on, we are all just happy to see that Hoops have made it to the party!  One look at her famously toned biceps tells you that she is one fit First Lady. But did you know that she is also a huge advocate for healthy lifestyles in schools throughout the country? She started Let's Move, a comprehensive initiative dedicated to solving the problem of childhood obesity so that today's kids can grow up healthy and able to pursue their dreams. Sounds like a very worthy cause to us! So why exactly is she a Hooper Star (As if bringing a full on HoopJam to the White House lawn wasn't enough) Because she is a self-proclaimed hooper for life! In a recent interview, when asked about her favorite forms of exercise the First Lady confessed, "If I do have a talent, it is hula-hooping. I can hula-hoop forever. And I've been a hula-hooper since I was little. That and double-dutch."    Now it's your turn to make like the First Lady, and hoop it up!

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