Hoop Tunesday: "Teenage Crime" by Adrian Lux (Axwell Remix)

Happy Tunesday Hoopers! This week's featured Hoop Tunes is an office favorite, and is sure to evoke a strong desire to pick up your hoop and move. "Teenage Crime" by Adrian Lux (Axwell Remix) is almost dreamlike, and you can't help but feel like a carefree teenager when it's on. Hooping to this song makes us feel like invincible adolescents dreaming of being dancers and ballerinas as we attempt to twirl as delicately as the Hooper in this video. To give you a little inspiration along with the song, we are bringing you a special video this week featuring one of our new favorite Hoopers moving to the beat of her own hoop and "Teenage Crime." As we watch Hooper Candice Briggie hooping on Beale Street in Memphis, TN, all we want to do is grab our LED and join her! We think it looks super pretty to do a dramatically slowed down corkscrew to this song. What moves are you going to try?...Now it's your turn to wait for the song to build, the beat to drop, and get ready to whirl your hoop like a wild child!

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