How to Reuse a Hoop in 5 Ways: Happy Earth Day Hoopers!

[caption id="attachment_153" align="aligncenter" width="715"]Hoopy Earth Day from Hoopnotica Hoopy Earth Day from Hoopnotica[/caption] Giant bubble wands, jewelry adornments, and wind chimes!  These super simple, super fun projects are great ways to re-use your beloved hoops to decorate your house, bring out at parties, or to use as gifts.   #1:  A Giant Bubble Wand What you need: Dish-washing soap, water, a kid's swimming pool, a hula hoop, and your bathing suits! Who doesn't want to stand inside a giant bubble?! Giant Hula Hoop Bubble Wand #2:  Make A One of a Kind Earring/Jewelry Holder! All you need is some string, netting, yarn or ribbon and your old hoop! You can either weave the string (as shown) or find your own way! Learn how to do the weave here. One of a Kind Jewelry #3:  A Giant Ribbon Wind Chime! All you need is ribbon and your old hoop! [caption id="attachment_154" align="alignleft" width="187"]Hula Hoop Ribbon Windchime Hula Hoop Ribbon Windchim[/caption] #4:  A Circular Pinboard! Hula Hoop Pinboard All You need is some cute fabric, an old, beloved hoop, a stapler or glue gun and some pins! (We know the picture shows an embroidery ring, but why not use the same concept with a hula hoop!?!) #5:  A Circus Tent of Streamers! Hula Hoop Circus TentWhat you need: your old hoop, streamers, ribbons, fabric and a needle and thread or a glue gun!

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