Meet The BreakAways™: Adjustable Hoops like you've never seen before!

[caption id="attachment_162" align="aligncenter" width="715"]BaseLine BreakAways Instructions How to use your BaseLine BreakAway™ Hoop[/caption]

Introducing The BreakAways™, a whole new way to hoop!

Hoopnotica®'s new line of BreakAway™ Hoops come with built-in segments that can easily be removed or replaces to account for your skill level, mood, and learning curve.

The BaseLine BreakAways are the perfect hoops for hoopers who are advancing from beginner to intermediate level. BaseLines start out at 40" in diameter and can go down to 36" in diameter when you remove the included hoop segment. As you may know, the more skilled you become at hooping, the more you will want a smaller, lighter hoop that is easier to manoeuvre. BreakAways take your advancing skill level into account! Now, you can get two great hoops in one and save. Learn more about the BaseLine BreakAways in this great video, featuring Hoopnotica Master Trainer Extraordinaire Pamela Crawford:  

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