How to Make a Mother's Day Hoop Card!

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Hoop Fans everywhere will love this creative way of turning a hoop into a card/gift!

This is a great way to decorate a hoop that you plan on giving to someone as a present. The original idea and picture come from The Wandering Willow on Tumblr. I love giving hoops to people. It feels like a really important gift to give someone because, as we all know, the gift of hooping can not only make someone's day or week or month or year--but can actually be life altering! So why not make the hoop-giving process as cute, personalized, and memorable as possible?                   What you need: -A Hoop (We have plenty of them for sale here!) -String or Ribbon -Construction Paper or Sign Letters -Scissors -Glue/Tape -Optional: Glitter, Markers, Pom Poms, Fake Flowers (for decoration)               What you need to do: 1. Tie two-three lengths of string or ribbon horizontally across the "opening" of your hoop. 2. Decide what message you want to write and make sure you allot enough space on each row of string/ribbon to fit everything. 3. Cut letters out of construction paper to spell out your message (or use pre-made letters from the party signs that you can buy at any party supply store). 4. Lay the hoop with the string/ribbon tied to it on a flat surface and attach the letters with tape or glue (tape is less messy), making sure you leave yourself enough room to fit your entire message. [caption id="attachment_180" align="alignleft" width="400"]A Balloon Hoop for Birthday Party Fun! A Balloon Hoop for Birthday Party Fun![/caption]   And there you have it! A hoop which is both an amazing gift and a thoughtful over-sized card! You can also customize this card with streamers, balloons, party favors or attach other small gifts wrapped in gift boxes! Whether you're buying hoop for your mom (Mother's Day is May 12th!) or getting your hoop mama a new hoop, this is an adorable way to make your gift even more personalized and special! Find the Perfect Present for Your Mom or Hoop Mama Here

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