Vermont Hoopers: Festival Alert

Hey Vermont Hoopers! Looking for an amazing place to Hoop this weekend? Great music and great people? Check out the friendly gathering. I met the incredible founders of this event and they are such good people, two professional snowboarders and best friends, who just want to bring people together to have fun. Only bummed to not be there this year but next year it's on!! Check it out HERE. Friendly Gathering Happy Hooping! Melissa p.s. Check out their friendly Manifesto... Love them. Frendly Manifesto We strive to be curators within a community of people who believe in cultivating lasting frendships in an effort to foster collaborative success and rid future generations of exclusivity. We live during a time in which we have the resources to create a “we” generation strong enough to prevail over a “me” mentality. This gives us an incredible opportunity to develop a tangible environment of kindness, generosity, and respect. Historically we used our sport and collective ethos to unite a diverse group of athletes. Within just a few years it became clear that this Frendly movement was meant to transform the lives of people around the world. The 10 anchors of our value system are: Collaboration Mutual Accountability Respect Revelry Honesty Selflessness Integrity Humility Inclusivity Passion

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