54 Reasons to Hoop for Fitness for Just 8 Minutes a Day!

54 reasons to hoop for 8 minutes a day hoopnotica 1. Take a deep breath.... As many yoga aficionados know, taking time out of your busy day to just breathe relieves stress, improves mental clarity, and makes life just a little more pleasant in general. 2. Ditch the energy drink for endorphins! Endorphins are your brain's best friends. They are the brain's natural pain relievers and give you a sense of well-being. Stimulate endorphin production by hooping for just under ten minutes and the effect produced by the endorphins slowly being distributed throughout your nervous system can have euphoric  effects for hours after you finish hooping! 3. Give yourself a pat on the back (or a massage...) Hooping actually massages your muscles! And some studies even suggest that the "massaging" effects of hooping on your abdomen can actually decrease your body's visceral fat in that area. 4. Hooping = "Me Time" Dedicated hooping time (even if it is just 8 minutes) translates into dedicated "me" time which we not only want, but, according to some major studies, need in order to be our happiest selves. Using your time with your hoop to clear your mind and re-center yourself in the midst of a busy day will allow you focus more clearly afterwards and not feel overburdened. 5. - 54. BURN 50 CALORIES! The last 50 reasons to hoop for just 8 minutes a day are the whopping 50 calories you'll be burning in that short amount of time! Just think, in the time it takes to watch an infomercial on TV or to scroll through your Facebook timeline, you could be burning 50 calories-poof, gone!   So, throw on your favorite playlist and hoop for three songs...you have fifty-four reasons to get up and hoop and zero reasons not to!   

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Don't have a hoop? Get started here!

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