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Madison Orange is on top of the world and at the top of her hoop game, but where she really wants to be is on TV! Hoopnotica catches up with Madison on the eve of her widely anticipated Hoop Performance Intensives in Malibu, CA this Saturday, August 10th, to talk about earning a living as a hooper, her biggest ambitions, and the wide range of hooping styles out there!

Name: Madison Orange

 Hooping Hometown: Los Angeles, CA,  Provincetown, Massachusetts & Kansas City, Missouri. Years Hooping:  Almost 7 years. Hooping Confession: I’m absolutely star struck by the amazing hoopers who have inspired me over the years and can get nervous when talking to them!   Who introduced you to hooping? I was at a festival in Mexico called Fuente Eterno, I saw Anah Hoopalicious and Rayna McInturf jamming out with huge hoops and knew that I had to go home and find my own!   What was the biggest challenge for you? Making GoGo-Hooping into a style of performing that others want to learn.  

Who is a hooper you admire?

Luna Breeze, Surka Noelle, Spiral, Shakti Sunfire, and Valentina Unity.  

If you could hoop anywhere in the world where would it be?

On TV and on tour with an entertainment group!  

What has been, in your opinion, your biggest achievement as a hooper?

Traveling and getting to know the hoopers and hoop community wherever I go. Also, I have had the honor of being involved in and creating hoop events and HoopJams in the areas where I have lived.  

What are some ways that you earn a living as a hooper?

Performing, teaching, creating, and networking--which is essential for all of these things.  

What was the inspiration for the Malibu Performance Intensives?

I started off by wanting to teach a performance hoop class then thought, Hey, why not get other hoop performers to teach and be involved? This would create a wide range of styles for people to learn and add the their flow and would reach a larger variety of performers.  

Are there, in your mind, different "styles" of hooping?

 YES ABSOLUTELY!!! An example is the difference between East Coast Hoopers and West Coast Hoopers: East Coast Hoopers spend a lot of time indoors because of the weather, so a lot of their amazing tricks are small and tight and West Coast Hoopers spend a lot of time outdoors, so their styles tend to be bigger and fuller.  

What is your hooping dream?

 I want to make hooping not just into a festival jam out toy but a performance tool to incorporate into Go-go style performances to create a visually stimulating dance routine.  

What do you consider to be your signature move?

 I would say I have a signature style: Go-go Hooping!  Lots of poses with intense body lines and angles. And lots of Booty Shakin’ to the beat of the music!   Madison Orange Hoopnotica Featured Hooper Madison Orange has performed in countless settings such as, ShowGirls in Provincetown Massachusetts, Hosted by writer/performer Ryan Landry, Burlesque Hall of Fame with the Hoop Unit in Las Vegas, Lollapalooza with many celebrities, all over Southern California and touring clubs in Mexico. Go-go Hoop Dance is but one of the many hoop styles Madison continues to master and evolve with ongoing training and inspiration from performers around her and the Hoop Community.    


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