Will the Real Jacqui Becker Please Stand Up?! Hoopnotica Office Fun...

A Fabulous Behind-the-Scenes Moment Was Captured On Film...Watch & Laugh!  David Huntsman Pretends to Be Jacqui Becker See what happened when Hoopnotica Accountant David Huntsman stepped in to do the "test" for a Jacqui Becker Hooping tutorial shoot....     David made a valiant attempt to mimic Jacqui's teaching flare and flow but unfortunately got a little tangled up in his version of "off body" moves. Thanks David for being such a good fill in and for being a good sport about us publishing your test footage! Moral of this story: We at Hoopnotica absolutely love what we do: working to delivery hoopiness around the world! Oh....and there's only one Jacqui Becker.  

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