Featured Hooper Corrie Novak: "I Still Want to Be Hooping When I'm 60+!"

Meet Corrie & Watch Her VideoCorrie Novak recently picked up her life and moved cross country to LA. Why? "I wanted to live in a place where I could hoop all year long." Well, viva la hula hoop and viva Corrie! Her adventurous spirit and great performance style qualify her to be a Hoopnotica-Featured Hooper. Watch Corrie rock out! Get Corrie's Hoop The Seaglass Polypro Hoopnotica Name: Corrie Novak   Hooping Hometown: Ringoes, NJ   Years Hooping: 2.5 years   Who introduced you to hooping? Festival Friends   What was the biggest challenge for you?   Hooping during the winter months   What are the qualities that you think make a good hooper? Simply loving it. Doesn't matter how "good" you are, as long as you jam out, smile, and love what you're doing!   Where is your favorite place to hoop? Parks and grassy knolls with sunshine!   What prompted your move to LA? I was working in NYC and realized that my heart was out here. I wanted to live in a place where I could hoop all year long. I listened to my heart and worked my buns off and here I am!   How does the LA hooping scene differ from back home? People are gathering all year out here. There are all different kinds of hoopers too! From the work-out gurus to stunning performers, you get every flavor! There are also a lot more classes, hoop gatherings and events to attend.   What has been, in your opinion, your biggest achievement as a hooper? Simply sticking with it. I lost touch with my hoop for a bit during the winter and realized how much I missed it. After moving out here I have made a point to hoop more and be a part of this community.   What do you consider to be your signature move? Smiling! :)   What is your hooping dream? To still be rocking out at 60+ !   What is your hooping confession? I tend to sweat a lot (gross, but true!) and I can be found in the background.....that's where I can vibe and jam out!   Quotable Corrie:  "Hooping is my hobby and so so so much more! I have learned things about myself through hooping that I will carry with me always."   "Because of Hooping I ... am blessed to be a part of a beautiful community of men and women. Although we all have this similar interest, it goes so much deeper than that! When I meet someone who is also an avid hooper, we both know that there is a shared connection to a piece of ourselves that not many people understand."

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