Meet Ivy: An Incredible Mom Who's Hooked on Hooping & Clean Eating

Hot healthy ivy larson hoopnotica


Ivy suffers from MS and discovered hooping when brainstorming creative ways to exercise and stay active after a difficult hip surgery. Ivy was seeking a way to stay fit without putting stress on her joints... and hooping did the trick and got her her much needed cardio that was missing from her wellness routine! Ivy is an inspiration to her devout Clean Cuisine community and to us as well. We at Hoopnotica have been devouring Ivy's book co-written with her husband Dr. Andrew Larson, Clean Cuisine: An 8-Week Anti-Inflammatory Nutrition Program That Will Change the Way You Age, Look, and Feel.

Learn more about how hooping fits into Ivy's clean cuisine lifestyle here.

 You can read Ivy's incredible story here.


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