Moms Just Wanna Have Fun (And Stay Fit) by Hula Hooping!

Mother daughter hooping hoopnotica banner cool moms hoop healthy teen daughter We already know that hooping as a mom is cool but we still asked our hooping mamas why they love hooping...   Hooping is my "me" time. Let's face it, moms aren't the center of attention often enough! You can be the center (and find your center) in your hoop and use your time hooping as a way to reconnect with yourself at any given time during a busy day! "I started hooping 3 years after I had my youngest and it is my go-to when I'm stressed out. Me and my boys go to the park and I tell my kids, Mommy is going to hula hoop land."  -Lindsey C.   Hooping is a practice that can grow with you...and that you never outgrow! Most of us hooped as children and then rediscovered hooping as adults. Hooping can continue to grow with you through adolescence, adulthood, pregnancy and motherhood! Hoopnotica founder Gabriella Redding hooped through her second pregnancy and even brought her hoop with her to the hospital to use during her initial labor pains! (MORE: Check out our selection of Preg-O Hoops.)  "I began hooping about 6 months after my son was born, and hooped all during my pregnancy with my daughter. He will be three and she will be one next week. Because of the hoop I am back down to my wedding weight! Never thought that would happen! A passion for hooping has been awakened inside of me that I would never exchange for anything!"  -Krissy K. "I am a mother of 4 grown daughters, including twins.  I am in the best shape of my life. I hooped as a child, with my daughters as they grew up, and now as an older adult. I live my life, and forget my age. You are never too old to come out and play!" -Diane P. "I loved my hula hoops when I was a little girl but, somehow, I lost touch with hooping.  Then I had three daughters and, of course, I made sure they had hula hoops.  The toy hoops were too small for me as an adult and I just assumed that was it!  One day I was watching Ellen and she had Marissa Tomei on her show and she was hooping!  I looked up hoops and found Hoopnotica.  I promptly ordered my first hoop and then another and another!" -Kim D.   You're staying fit, the fun way. As a mom, you have a lot of schedules to juggle in your household, which doesn't always leave time to go to the gym. Hooping can help you maintain a healthy lifestyle by giving you a high-intensity low-impact workout in your living room or back yard. (MORE: The Health Benefits of Hooping)
"I loving having the option of doing 5 mins [of hooping], or trying to do a trick, or just playing with my hoop with kids. I don't feel like I'm exercising at all! I have now lost 38 lbs and people notice! They ask me what I'm doing...hula hooping! I never would have imagined me hula hooping, or enjoying exercising!"
- Robin C.   Hooping is a fun way to connect with your kids... Mommy & Me: Much more than just a healthy hobby, with a hoop for every member of the family, hooping is a fun activity that brings your family together. Hooping is also a great way to instill healthy habits in your children, especially when you lead by example! You can bring extra hoops with you to neighborhood barbecues and backyard play-dates and see how quickly everyone gets involved in the fun! "I started hooping this summer, not long after my one and only son turned 4. When he goes outside to ride his bike in the driveway, I grab my hoops and go with him. It's been a fun way to finally start getting back in shape!" -Kriss L.Z. "I also use hooping as a method of explaining why practice is important and whenever things seem difficult. My daughters know how much I practice and try until I get it. Hooping is very much a part I my life. Whenever my kids draw pictures of the family, I have a hoop." - Janelle W. any age! "Started hooping as a Mom.....with my beautiful daughter Rory and her friends. I will always hoop for her." -Kathy W. "I started hooping for joy about 4 years ago. My daughter decided she would try it with me and now both of us are Hoopnotica Certified Instructors and share hooping at twice weekly hoop jams. Lots of mommas come and bring the kids. Not many mothers do things with their 16 year-olds. Hooping brings us together." -Anna D.   Are you a mama who hoops? Tell us your story below!

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